Why the world should follow Michelle Obama and plant a garden?

Recently we were able to see USA’s First Lady Michelle Obama engaged in a wonderful and healthy activity. She was gardening and showing the whole world that her passion could also transform the lives of millions of people from all over the world. Michelle Obama is not only about looks but also about action! She has a wonderful garden in the White House together with the kitchen staff! She wanted to show the world the wonders that simple gardening could provide. Let’s dive further into this interesting story that gives us great inspiration and example to have our own garden too.

The innovative project.

Although the White House had a garden already, Michelle Obama wanted it to become a true garden with vegetables, fruits and much more. She wanted it to be a place for people to truly become part of nature, where they could touch the soil and enjoy the harvests. Apart from having herself and her whole kitchen staff involved in the project Michelle wanted something more: she wanted children from all over the country to have the opportunity to touch the soil and enjoy nature with her.

Michelle Obama has been spreading the goods.

Hundreds of children from all over the country were already able to have a nice afternoon with Michelle Obama and her garden in the White House. Students from public schools are invited to come and share some knowledge and passion with the USA’s First Lady. She has stated several different times that her goal was to make such garden a place for children to play, enjoy and learn new things that would help them become even more human. Some children never had the opportunity to see how plants and fruits grow, never have the chance to touch the soil or even see seeds. This time she wanted to bring some culture and love for these kids.

obamas garden

The Garden and Its Charity.

The food produced in the Garden is used in several different occasions, including official meals and special dinners. Although the garden is able to feed the entire White House there is a lot that would go to waste, after all there are over 1000 square feet of garden to peruse. Michelle Obama wanted to give the extra food a very good destination too! She made sure everything that they produce would also go to Charity homes in the DC area, which happens ever since she started such project.

This is a wonderful way to feed those who do not have a lot. Gardening is much more than just feeling the nature, it is also bringing opportunities and food for those who need it the most. Michelle does not plan to stop such project anytime soon. Thankfully she will be there for years to continue teaching children and people how important nature can be.more tips and information from http://www.milfordbeacon.com/article/20140724/News/140729859.

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