Which Vegetable Can You Grow for Improved Virility

Many men have concerns about their virility. Often, they don’t think their diet can have a big impact in this department. However, there are a number of home garden vegetables that can improve your health as well as your “performance.” To help you decide which ones you need in your garden, consider the following points.

Get the Right Nutrients

If you want to maintain your fertility, you need to consume the right nutrients. Making sure your folate, vitamin C, and lycopene levels are sufficient seems to improve overall sperm count. And all of these needs are easily met with produce.

Lycopene is found in one of the most common home garden plants: tomatoes. You can choose any variety from cherry tomatoes to beefsteaks and experience the benefits of lycopene. Consider growing some sweet red peppers, asparagus, carrots, and red cabbage for even more sources.

Red and green peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin C. Brussel sprouts also have high levels, which is surprising to many. If you want something sweeter that is still easy to grow at home, consider planting some strawberries.

Folate, also known as B9, can be found in a variety of beans, as well as salad staples like iceberg lettuce and spinach. Brussel sprouts also make the list, as well as green peas, corn, and asparagus. Tomatoes also fall in this category, and strawberries can help you with folate and your sweet tooth.

Avoid Chemicals

One of the bonuses about growing your own vegetables is your ability to limit the chemicals that are involved in the growing process. You can eliminate the use of pesticides, and even grow fully organic produce.

Store bought spinach and strawberries are often the worst offenders, giving you even more reason to add them to your home garden. Certain pesticides have been found to affect fertility in men and women, making the switch even more appealing for everyone in the family.


While you don’t actually grow exercise, working out is known to have a positive effect on health and virility. Gardening isn’t a high-impact sport, but it does provide an opportunity to exercise in a very accessible way. Daily maintenance, such as weeding and hand watering, can add additional activity to anyone’s day. And picking fresh produce can help you burn a few more calories than hitting a driver thru.

More vigorous activities like tilling and planting can yield even bigger workout benefits. It is also known to reduce stress by allowing you to connect with nature. Add some of your favorite music or garden with a partner to make the activity even more enjoyable.

Which Vegetable Can You Grow for Improved Virility

A Little Extra

Eating right can help you feel more virile and may help your performance, but sometimes you need a little something extra to get you going. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to turn to prescription options to help you get back to yourself. Look into places to buy vigrx plus or similar products. You can find out where to buy vigrx plus with a simple search, allowing you to get the help you need in the most discrete fashion possible.

Once you add a little help to your other healthy habits, you may see results in no time. And, isn’t that what it is really all about?

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