Useful tips for Vertical Gardening

The best space-saving method is to plant vertically. This useful gardening method now gives proud gardeners with limited gardening space to show off their skill as they would have with ample space. This is a graceful and beautiful method of gardening. There are a few things that you would need to do in order to implement your new garden. You have to consider the shade, the space and what you are thinking of planting. It is pretty simple but to keep your new vertical garden alive and well you would need to do it right. The amazing thing is you can plant, flowers, veggies and herbs vertically.  Click here to look at a couple of examples of vertical planting. Here are also a few tips to start planting up.

Useful tips for Vertical Gardening

Trellis Support

You would need to build a trellis support on which you can mount the pot plants that you are going to plant into. This is a simple process and gets done with a wooden frame and fence-like steel in the middle. You might have to cut steel for the trellis support. Take a look at The Tool Report plasma cutter reviews for more information on the best plasma cutter to purchase. A plasma cutter is ideal for steel cutting and by reading the reviews you will notice that the product is ideal for handheld and CNC usage.

Netting for vertical gardening

Instead of a steel trellis support you can mount a net perhaps made of strong nylon or a strong threading material. This is a method that vertical gardeners usually prefer for inside display. You can easily sashay it on a wall to make a beautiful natural mural.

Match the structures with what you intend to plant

If you are looking at planting veggies you need to decide what you are building before building structures. For examples peas would flourish on string as it has a twirling method of growing. Tomatoes need to be bound to the structure so for this you can use steel or bamboo. The bamboo makes it look more natural though.


If you only have a balcony available and would still like to experience a bit of gardening, you can use hanging baskets which looks absolutely beautiful and will give your balcony that special green touch.  Hanging plants go very well with Macramé which means you will enjoy learning an additional creative hobby with your gardening.  Click here to read more about Macramé.


Maintaining your vertical garden takes as much work as a normal garden would. It is necessary to water your plants at the right time and you need to make sure there is enough lighting and protection from the weather. Your vertical garden needs TLC to flourish. It is recommended to use quality topsoil in your vertical garden to get maximum growth and healthy plants. It is also a great idea to try some fabulous native plants in your vertical garden. A very important tip is to also fertilize your plants regularly.

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