Useful advice to help you take your bow hunting to a whole other level

When it comes to bow hunting, it is an extremely precise discipline that it requires hours upon hours of practice each and every week. It is imperative that you are very accurate and well equipped when it comes to bow hunting.

As you will be placing yourself within very close proximities to potentially dangerous animals only armed with a bow, you need to ensure that your shot finds its target. You also need to ensure that you have the accuracy to cleanly kill the animal, as opposed to just injuring it and causing it to suffer.

This is why you need to build the accuracy and discipline through putting the hard hours into the range. You also need to be equipped with the best of equipment, which is why you should read this guide on what the best compound bow for hunting is.

Here is some further advice that will help take your bow hunting to the next level.

Useful advice to help you take your bow hunting to a whole other level

Perfecting the hook position (finger placement)

When it comes to having your fingers on the bowstring, do you just put them on any old way or do you place them in a deliberate manner? You don’t want to be simply grabbing the bow and firing without paying heed to your hook positioning.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake that people make when they are practicing archery. You should always aim to be double checking your finger position as this can have significantly beneficial results on your archery shots.

If you have the string hooked with too much finger pressure, or your fingers are placed wrongly, you can have many problems crop up. These include completely missing the entire target, as well as having painful blisters on your fingers develop.

This is why you need to deliberately place your fingers on the string the way that you were taught by the professionals. You also want to make sure that the positions of your hands is kept the same and consistent throughout the process. This will lead you to hitting tighter arrow clusters.

Anchoring point

Especially when you are just starting out with archery, the process of anchoring can be one of the hardest and most frustrating aspects for archers. The position of the anchor point is on your face, normally slightly under your chin or the side of your mouth – which is where you aim to pull the string each and every time.

When thinking of the importance of having this anchor point in the same consistent position the whole time, think if an anchor on a boat. It stops the boat from swaying and moving. In archery, your anchor point helps to stop you placing your hand in different positions every time you are taking a shot. This would lead to a lot of inconsistencies and your shots will be flying all over the place.

This is why you need to constantly refine and practice your anchor point with a professional instructor until it becomes ingrained as a habit.

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