Tips for a Great Garden Camping Party

Is your son’s birthday around the corner?  Well then a camp themed birthday party is a great idea.  Camp birthday parties are tremendously popular right now because they are great fun, affordable and easy to arrange.  While the ideal camp theme party is probably held in the woods, you might find it hard to get all of your child’s friends out there because so many parents work during weekends and find it hard to travel long distances just for a party.  A garden party in your back yard can be just as fun as a party in the wild and it certainly is a lot easier to set up.

Theme up those invites

You can find a lot of printable party invites templates or camp theme ideas by searching Google or Pinterest for some ideas or free templates.  With a good themed invite everyone will instantly know how to dress for your party and you can give instructions for everything that they should tag along such as swim wear, sleep wear and a sleeping sack.

Tips for a Great Garden Camping Party

Get the birthday boy a nice tent and sleep sack

While you are going camp theme crazy you might as well get your child some good quality camping gear for his birthday. An easy to setup instant tent is a good option as he will be able to set it up himself.  He can use the gear during the party and for future camping expeditions. is a terrific review site that you can use to shop for the perfect camping gear on the market.  The site elaborates well on all of the features, pros and cons of the camping gear so you can

understand every aspect of the perfect backpack tent, sleeping bag, camping lanterns and basically any other camping gear that you can think off.

Consider a group tent for all the birthday guests

A family or group tent might also be a great idea because all of your campers can share ghost stories well into the early hours of the morning, they will feel a lot safer and it will save a lot of time and perhaps even money for the parents of all of the other children.

Make coffee and food right from the fire

One of the big musts is making food and coffee directly on an open fire.  It teaches kids good camping skills and it is incredibly fun if you do it right although you will need good camping gear such as a grill, fire cookware and more to accomplish this.

Get enough lighting

Camping can be scary for younglings even if it is in the back yard. Stock up on some flashlights and candle lights and tell everyone to bring along their own lights and torches so they can feel a bit more at ease and be safe from night creatures like insects.

Collect ghost stories for the campfire evening

What is a good campfire party without a few ghost stories?  You can look for fantastic ghost stories online, buy bulk books that contain lots of campfire ghost stories or even write your own ghost stories that will thrill your child and all of the little guests.

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