The Ultimate Green Drink for Green Fingers

If you love gardening then you probably also love making healthy lifestyle decisions. With better and healthier habits you can enjoy a much longer and pain free life and you will be able to accomplish so much more and feel a lot better in general.  The right sustenance can do wonders for your immune system, health and energy levels. But sustenance’s often has a lot of side effects that can be harmful to your body instead of healthy.  Maca powder is a completely natural product that has a lot of health benefits, much like sustenance’s and can be added to any drink. By adding maca powder to some of your health drinks you create the ultimate green drink that will benefit you in so many ways.

The Ultimate Green Drink for Green Fingers

What is maca powder?

Maca powder originates from the Andes.  Maca powder is made from the root of Lepidium Meyenii or Maca plant that is closely related to the radish family.  This fantastic powder is commonly used in lots of health products and can replace your daily supplement intake completely.

Health benefits of maca powder

Maca powder has lots of benefits to your body and is thus known as a superfood. Maca is rich in lots of minerals like calcium, iron, zink, phosphorous, amino acids and also contains a lot of vitamins like vitamin B, C and E.  Basically when you drink maca powder you are getting a full fix of all the minerals and vitamins you need which boosts your immune system.  Other benefits of maca powder include;

  • The promotion of sexual function in men and women;
  • Improve women’s health and moods by relieving menstrual issues, mood swings, menopause side effects and depression.
  • The powder increases your energy levels
  • Maca is great for improving your skin and helps prevent acne and blemishes

Ways to drink maca powder

Maca powder is mostly used in drinks.  You can add maca powder to just about any drink like smoothies and coffee.  But for the ultimate green drink, maca powder should be added to green drinks like green tea, detox smoothies or green smoothies.  It is advised to start off with a small amount of maca powder at first after which you can gradually increase your dosage.  One teaspoon of maca powder per day is enough to supply you with enough minerals and vitamins to replace all of your supplements and will boost your overall health and you don’t have to take maca powder each and every day since regular breaks for maca usage is recommended.

Shop maca powder online

You can shop maca powder online from at  Maca sells for about $22.77 but when you subscribe you can get up to 15% discount on your maca.  The maca can be delivered to your doorstep and you can buy as much of the powder as you need.

If you want to enjoy your garden a lot more, have a lot more energy for garden chores and want to improve your general health then it is time to start building your ultimate green drink by simply adding maca powder to your health drinks.

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