Take Your Garden and Garden Skills to the Next Level with DIY Compost

Garden work is lots of fun because you get plenty of fresh air and you get to spend time in nature and in the outdoors.  When you enjoy garden work you alleviate a lot of stress and you get to save a lot of money on garden services.  If you want to enjoy your garden work even more and save even more money than it is time to learn to make your own compost.  Making your own compost is super easy and when you make your own compost you will never have to wait to plant new pot plants or run to a store to buy compost since everything you need is already available at your home.

Take Your Garden and Garden Skills to the Next Level with DIY Compost

The benefits of making your own compost

  • When you make compost yourself you are sure that there are no chemicals in the compost and you can control the quality of your compost.
  • You can turn lefties and garden offcuts into something that is reusable.
  • You will always have compost ready and available to you.
  • You get to learn a terrific new skill.

DIY compost heap

One of the most basic ways to make your own compost is to simply pile up all of your plant material in the shade somewhere in your garden and to keep the heap moist.  The problem with compost heaps or compost holes are that these areas can make your garden look messy and even smelly.

DIY compost bin

You can make a compost bin out of just about anything. There are plenty of online ideas for wooden compost bins, wired compost bins and even recycled items that have been turned into compost bins.  Making your own bin is hard work and when it is finally done it is still hard to control the quality of your compost since mixing, adding and subtracting compost is always going to be a hassle.

Compost bins

Compost bins are a much better solution than the DIY ideas out there because the bins are stylish, they keep odors from escaping and you can add and subtract compost whenever you need to.  They are also incredibly durable and easy to use. You can find the top compost bins here.

Compost tumbler

A compost tumbler is one of the best solutions for your garden.  The tumblers are compact, stylish and they keep bad odors from escaping during the process. The best part about the tumblers is that you can create much better quality compost since you can mix the compost easily, you can add more plant materials and other items whenever you like and you can subtract ready compost whenever you want.

Learn how to make compost

The biggest challenge of your garden will now be to learn how to make the best quality compost.  Compost making mostly involves adding plant material to a heap and leaving it to process.  The ratio however must be right or your compost will either dry out, rot or simply won’t be good quality.  You should add a good source of ingredients such as dry plant material, green plant material, oxygen and water to basic compost.  If you want to improve the quality of compost you can also add some eggshells, coffee and more.

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