• Hotels that Grow Their Own Food

    Nothing beats the taste of food that is made from fresh ingredients. Many homeowners have opted to have a garden at home which will allow them to use fresh ingredients. Hotels to now have adapted this model and we have a list of hotels you can go to which have their own garden/farm and provide customers with food with fresh ingredients.

    Hotels that Grow Their Own Food

    Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN

    Situated in the countryside of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blackberry Farms has become quite popular. So popular that even celebrities now flock to it. To provide clients with the most organic food items, the farm employs traditional agricultural practices. This ensures that the vegetables, fruits, and herbs are of top quality. Not only do they have exceptional vegetation, they also have James Beard’s as the chef in an award-winning restaurant.

    Crosby Street Hotel in NY

    Who would have thought, that you could go to a restaurant in SoHo that provides you with the freshest of ingredients. The Crosby Street Hotel located in Lower Manhattan has a garden on its 12th floor in which you can find the finest of fruits and vegetables. These are utilized in all the food at the hotel from the Crosby burger to the breakfast sandwich. The hotel even has 4 Araucana chickens which lay pale blue eggs which are quite a treat.

    The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, PA

    If you are looking for an outing that not only provides you with a healthy meal but also gives you a learning experience when it comes to gardening then The Lodge is the spot for you. Not only do they have their own garden from which they extract ingredients for food, they also provide gardening classes, workshop on composting, and tours of their greenhouse. The Lodge also has a spa and the herbs they grow are used for oils they use in the spa.

    Fairmount in San Francisco, CA

    The Fairmount which is located in San Francisco in a jungle of buildings has a 1,000 square foot garden which grow numerous different herbs and vegetables. It even has a wild bee hotel in the garden which allows bees to have access to a place of nesting. This ensures the hotel has a constant supply of their prized honey, which they use in salads and serve with tea.

    As individuals get more aware of the benefits of eating organic and fresh produce, more and more restaurants are getting on board with using organic and fresh ingredients. Not only does it add more flavor to the food, it also ensures that those that consume the food gets all the health benefits that they should. As more real estate agencies like TJM Properties (Terry McCarthy St. Pete) look to expand and purchase hotels and resorts. We can hope that they too will look to adopt these practices in their network of hotels and resorts. This will ensure that customers will get the best possible experience from their stay at these hotels and resorts.

  • TJM Properties Acquires Harrah’s Tunica from Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation

    Now that TJM are becoming increasingly bigger property owners in the united states, we know that there has to be something attractive about the way that they handle their business. There is also the aspect of selling the properties once they’ve developed them. They probably do a lot of landscaping on their gardens of the properties to make them even more attractive to potential buyers. Below is an example of the way that TJM is acquiring property:

    TJM seems hell bent on growing into one of the most successful real estate companies in the world, and that is why they are constantly purchasing new properties, developing them and turning them into profitable businesses. One such example is Harrah Tunica, that TJM acquired back in early 2016. Harrah’s Tunica’s 2000-acre resort complex in Tunica, Mississippi, was finally purchased by TJM Properties of Clearwater, Florida. Tunica is a prominent tourist, gambling and entertainment destination, located on the Mississippi River, and it is also referred to as the South’s Casino Capital. The area is home to world class casinos, 6000 hotel rooms, fine dining restaurants, luxury spas and championship golf and tennis facilities. The property was purchased from Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation.

    TJM Properties Acquires Harrah's Tunica from Caesar's Entertainment Corporation

    “Plans to sell all or part of the property are underway,” said Terence J. McCarthy TJM Properties owner, had said.

    The property lies on an expansive parcel that has two hotels that come with 600 guestrooms and suites, a 45,000-square foot convention complex, an 800-acre Hunting Lodge, 200-unit RV park and club house, a 10,000 square foot kids’ center, an 18-hole golf course and clubhouse, a large commercial laundry facility, office and warehouse buildings, and hundreds of acres of farm land.

    According to McCarthy, they had a number of offers for all of the parcels of the property, and many of the parties expressed interest in purchasing the entire resort. TJM were finalizing their plans on what they might and what they would be disposing.

    TJM Properties is a Real Estate company that is owned and operated by Terence J. McCarthy of St. Petersburg, Florida. They have a growing number of hotels in Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania under the Quality Inn, Baymont Inn, Howard Johnson, and Radisson flags. TJM also owns The Claridge Hotel and Atlantic Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A leading developer of Senior Living Communities, TJM Properties sold 15 of its 19 Senior Living properties in 2013, comprising of 2500 units, for $220 million.


    From what we can see, TJM is a privately owned real estate company that is not to be reckoned with. They own properties spread out across the United States, and it looks like they have purchased quite a number of properties from Caesar Entertainment Corporation. They also own several hotels around the country, as well as properties that are geared towards the senior citizens. To reach such levels of success, it means that they must have a leadership that is focused and driven by development.

    One good thing to prove that is that you will find that they are constantly purchasing properties that have been declared bankrupt and bringing them back into profitable businesses. I would say that good work ethics are what drive TJM’s Terence J. McCarthy and the entire team at the company.