• Gardening as a Means to Better Health

    Staying active and in optimal health is a struggle for many Americans. We have been inundated with a vast array of reasons to remain on our rushes behind computer screens or in front of TV screens. Even our outdoor activities often involve sitting on a four wheeler or motorcycle. It is time we understood that we can use gardening as a means to better health.

    When we get older we start looking at all the aches and pains we experience. We spend time doing research about the potential causes for that pain in our chest, or that ache in our back. Wouldn’t it be something if we decided to take a more active course, to start pursuing better health in our backyards? Well, we can, because there is proof that gardening is good for us.

    Gardening as a Means to Better Health

    Reasons Gardening is Good for You

    We all know that the more time we spend outside (covered in appropriate intensity SPFs), the better we feel. There is certainly something refreshing about being able to breathe in fresh clean air from our own gardens that can make all the difference in our demeanor. Well, there are additional reasons to spend time weeding and planting too. Here are some things to consider:

    • Gardening can decrease your potential to have a stroke. The Journal of the American Heart Association provides that statement.
    • Gardening can help you burn calories. This is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because, they say, light gardening and yardwork are almost equivalent to lifting weights when done for the same period of time.
    • Lose weight while gardening. Here we discover the concept of heavy gardening as a means of weight reduction. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute mentioned that gardening can decrease blood pressure too. Read more.
    • Osteoporosis be gone. All the bending and stretching that accompanies real gardening allows your muscles to get a really good workout. This will help keep you strong in your battle against chronic arthritis.
    • Beat the stress. One of the most intense contributors to poor health is the level of stress we endure on a daily basis. However, studies show that cortisol, the stress hormone, is decreased as we spend time in our gardens.
    • Flowers make you feel better. Flowers have been shown to improve mood. That shouldn’t be a big surprise, just think about how thrilled you were the last time you got some. They will almost immediately impact your level of happiness. Learn more.
    • Get some meaning in life. Gardening has an interesting way of putting things into perspective. While we garden we are accosted with the awe of natural beauty and the gratitude we feel for its presence in our lives. This can make a lasting impression on our psyche.
    • Digging boosts mood. That might seem like an odd statement but it has been studied. Children who are allowed to get dirty generally have better immune systems than those who were kept in sterile environments. That exposure to dirt makes them healthier, and healthy people are significantly happier than those who are not well.

    Gardening opens doors to exploration and discovery. The solitude and peace it affords is nearly as productive and beneficial as praying. Spend more time in your garden and watch how much your health improves. Read more about that here.