• Relieve Stress by Gardening

    Life is challenging. There are things that happen, almost daily, to throw us into a frenzy of stress. The car breaks down, a child gets arrested, our roof leaks, the list can go on. So what can we do when those situations overwhelm us? Perhaps we should consider learning how to relieve stress by gardening.

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    Relieve Stress by Gardening

    Combatting Stress via Your Garden

    Things may look insurmountable and you might prefer to just curl up in a ball on the couch. But, this is not an acceptable way to deal with the stress you are feeling. Instead, consider combatting it by spending time in your garden. Here are some great methods to start practicing:

    1. Not a Chore– Don’t allow the time you spend in your garden to feel like a chore. You have to ensure that it remains a hobby in order for it to have any stress relieving value in your life. Don’t set a goal too large for yourself. Only do what, and how much, you want at any given time.
    2. Be Nature’s Friend– There are plenty of studies available that show how time spent in nature can drastically reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Your mood will be revived and your body relaxed if you will allow yourself to become friends with nature. Learn more.
    3. Leave the Phone– Those gadgets that we seem to believe must be with us at every waking moment are actually contributing to high blood pressure and burdened emotions. Leave your phone inside while you garden so that you can get the full therapeutic benefits of the outdoors.
    4. Pay Attention– The time you spend in nature should be just that, time spent soaking in all the joys. Pay attention to the birds, bees, and butterflies. You will note the upward curvature of your lips as you breathe deeply in their presence.
    5. Be Creative– See your garden as an opportunity to run free with your creativity. Plant flowers of varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Add contrasting patterns and odd looking plants. Include sculptures and handmade stepping stones. Whatever will make you smile when you set foot into your secret stress less space. Read this for ideas.
    6. Be Neighborly– When you are outside there is the potential to connect with those who live nearby. Sometimes stress can be relieved by simple conversations with people we know. Allow that opportunity when you are out in your garden.
    7. Embrace Wildlife– Be sure to plant those things that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Their presence will enhance your pleasurable garden time. You can’t help but feel happy when butterflies flit around or hummingbirds grace you with their presence. To understand which plants are best for hummingbirds, go here.

    Gardening can be quite a phenomenal stress reliever if you will follow these seven suggestions. And if you have to provide the legal assistance for your child’s wayward behavior, you are definitely going to need some stress reduction.