• Ways to Get Back At Your Garden Ruining Neighbor

    Some neighbors are jerks.  Their actions cause you a lot of distress and no matter how much you plea, they simply won’t change their ways.  If you have a bad neighbor that is ruining your garden by allowing their pets to do their business in your garden, allowing their sewerage to seep into your garden or by tossing their scraps onto your lawn then it is time to stop talking and to start taking some action by giving a few pranks a try. With pranks no one can arrest you and you are still sending a big message.

    Ways to Get Back At Your Garden Ruining Neighbor

    Confetti bomb him!

    Have you ever tried to clean glitter from your home?   It’s an impossible task!  Glitter goes everywhere.  They get stuck in the carpet, on your hands, your clothes, your sofa… They even get stuck in your hair and it is a nightmare to get glitter cleaned properly.  If you want to really get a message through to your neighbor then you should send them a confetti mail bomb.  These glitter bombs are delivered with a personalized message inside.  When your neighbor opens the package, the glitter bomb will explode and send glitter flying everywhere.  They will however be left with your message and hopefully they will finally change their destructive ways.  You can get the mail people pranks here.

    Set a splash bomb for the front door

    A quick way to make a big impression is to hack the front door.  Get a big can of water and put it against the front door at an angle.  When your neighbor opens the door, the can will tip over sending water spilling all over the entrance and into his house.  You can even add a message to the water for personal touch.

    Make him feel like someone is watching him!

    Wouldn’t it be scary if someone was watching your every move and you didn’t know who they were?   You can scare your neighbors by leaving a letter on their porch with a detailed description of their activities.  In your letter you can pretend that you are a love struck psychopath with dark intendances towards your neighbor.  Just remember not to sign your true name on the letter and to keep your behavior the same when you see your neighbor or talk to him.

    Plant crazy seeds in his lawn

    Get a bag of fast growing seeds like weeds and wait till its dark before you sneak into your neighbor’s garden.  Plant corn seeds everywhere and watch as your neighbor struggles to get his lawn back in shape.


    Plant something crazy like corn in your own yard somewhere where your neighbor cannot see the plants.  When the corn is fully grown you can sneak into your neighbor’s garden one night and plant the big stalks of corn all over his garden so he will be surprised when he wakes up the next morning to find corn all over.

    Give him a mail surprise

    Catch a big frog and dunk it into your neighbor’s mail box.  He will be completely freaked out when he touches the slimy frog.