• Creating the Perfect Garden for Your Log Home

    You have finally decided that it is time to live the dream. You are going to own a log cabin and that means you want the full feel of the rustic outdoors. You want a garden that will attract as much nature as it will illustrate. You want flowers and veggies. A multipurpose area that will serve as the perfect garden. But, you’re not sure how to go about creating that dream. Keep reading, to learn everything you need to know.

    Living in British Colombia offers some unique land for your BC log homes. You will have that dream cabin delivered to your property by expert artisans in business for over 35 years. Even if you have chosen the luxury versions or the standard log cabin, you will still get that rustic feel that no other home design could ever offer. Your custom log home needs an equally custom garden and we’ve got the steps to success you have been hoping for.

    Creating the Perfect Garden for Your Log Home

    Designing Your Ideal Garden

    Your garden should represent your personal sensibilities. It should espouse your favorite colors and scents but be equally appropriate for your setting and climate. These tips for designing the perfect garden should be helpful to you:

    • Sections- By breaking the garden up, the open spaces becomes less boring to look at. You can create quite the relaxing flow using this method.
    • Ribbons- Add whimsy to your garden by designing a variety of paths that direct the eye to the highlights found within the garden itself.
    • Contrast- Color is great, but without texture it becomes bland. Try mixing up patterns and shapes. Use striking bushes amidst soft smooth stones.
    • Elements- Most people think gardens are about the flowers or veggies. But, the things that truly draw us in are the additional elements. Carefully consider your borders and edgings. Keep things crisp.
    • Art- This is an element that all gardens need. Mosaics are particularly attractive, but other sculptures can add depth as well. Look at these
    • Movement- Many gardens seem stagnant because there is little movement which gives the feeling of life. Add ornamental grasses for that touch of energy.
    • Combos- Return to the idea of contrast here as you choose which plants to put together. The combinations should be texturally or visually stunning.
    • Upcycle- Those weird things you have collected for their sheer oddity are great additions to the garden.
    • Veggies- Even though this isn’t a typical vegetable garden design, you can employ veggies. Think about how beautiful some edible plants are. Lettuces come in a wide array of colors and textures. Learn more.
    • Rebel- This is, after all, your home and your garden. If you like a tall plant better than some of your shorter options, move it to the front of the bed without concerning yourself with height rules. Be a rebel.
    • View- Plant with the view in mind. You won’t always be in the garden, so orchestrate its design to be accessible from your favorite window.
    • Intrigue- Don’t just go with the plants everyone expects. Look for those plants that offer something more, that beg further inspection. It will make the garden all the more stimulating.

    There are so many great suggestions that we couldn’t include them all. We are sure you are going to love your new log home. But, if you still want more help in the garden, read this.