• Turning Your Garden Into A Parking Lot

    If you have a well-manicured garden that you have invested a lot of time on but you don’t have spacing for parking your car, you may have to consider converting part of the garden to be a parking lot. That is a very hard decision for any gardener to make especially if you have attachments with some plants in that garden.  Well with the growing demand for cars, we all need cars, it is no longer a secondary need anymore, no wonder that car dealers such as Car Vision are making a kill out of selling cars. Unfortunately not all houses have enough space for parking and hence some creativity has to be applied to get a parking lot. Sometimes the parking lot allocated may be too small since maybe you have more cars. Well if you have a garden it will have to be the victim. Unless you opt for street parking which may not be very safe sometimes and may be expensive. Since converting a garden into a parking lot is some sort of an emotional affair, you need to carefully do it. Some of the things you can do to have a smooth transition may include:

    Turning Your Garden Into A Parking Lot

    Think over it

    It is important to think over a decision before making a decision. It will create clarity of mind and help us to be at peace with the decision that is going to be made. Think of how the transition is important to you and how you can still do gardening. Think of all the benefits you will get from the situation. Thinking helps our minds to be psychologically prepared and make informed decisions.

    Decide on the kind of space you will need

    If you have a big garden, the parking lot will only take up to a small portion of the garden. Well, regardless of the size of the garden, it is important to decide on the amount of space that you will need for your car. Some cars will need more space than others. Deciding the amount of space you will need will help you in planning the garden.

    Decide on which plants to compromise

    If you are an avid gardener, ofcourse you have plants that you are more attached to, your favorite plants. There are others that you will not care much to lose. You need to think carefully and decide accordingly. This will minimize on the emotional torture you may get.

    Make a plan of the transition

    With a proper plan, converting the garden to a parking lot will be much easier. This involves making a plan on the kind of parking lot you intend to have, the materials that will be used on the parking lot and what you plan to do with the plants from the parking lot place. With creativity, those plants can be used in other interesting ways hence you will not feel wasted and you can still go on with your gardening elsewhere. Luckily there is Pinterest, and many blogs that can help you on this.