• Surprisingly Good Advantages of Gardening!

    As technology is advancing, one would expect the world to progress regarding cleaner air and better healthcare. On the contrary, the environment is getting worse for people to live. With all sorts of pollution and the cutting down of trees for various purposes without planting others in its place, the ozone layer surrounding the earth is being damaged. The ozone layer is in charge of keeping the ultraviolet rays away from the earth, however with its damage, the UV rays are entering the atmosphere, and with the shortage of trees, human beings are facing serious consequences. It may feel like one person cannot do something significant to rectify it. However, every single individual can make a change. One thing that we can do as our contribution is to do gardening at our homes.

    Gardening has many advantages. You can grow your food; you can get closer to nature which relaxes you and most of all you can play your part in keeping the environment green. Before you start gardening, you can consult professionals who guide how you can begin and what you can do.

    Surprisingly Good Advantages of Gardening!

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    The following are the reasons why gardening is not only recommended but significant as well.

    1. Health:

    You can grow your produce in your garden and enjoy healthy and fresh foods without worrying about added chemicals. Additionally, this will provide as a health booster for you. Besides benefiting from the produce, the effort you put into planting will contribute to your physical health. No matter what age you are, gardening will bring numerous benefits to your health such as keeping you fit by burning calories. Furthermore, people with cardiac conditions or other illnesses can also work in gardens without it compromising their health. Moreover, when you are surrounded by greenery, you are more likely to breathe fresher and cleaner air than others.

    1. Gain education:

    You can learn about a lot of things from your garden. Studies show that children who are involved in gardening excel in math and science skills and are more likely to score higher marks. Children will also learn science from practical experiments and understand better. Moreover, gardening allows the young ones to learn life skills like taking care of people or plants, independence, and value of food and how much patience it requires to produce it.

    1. Nature therapy:

    Several studies have proved that nature therapy is one of the best procedure to deal with several psychological problems like ADHD. Nature therapy also helps reduce stress and allows you to have a happier attire and a healthier mind. Setting up a garden at your place will allow you to be in close contact with nature all the time and this kind of therapy does not cost you a fortune.

    Furthermore, research shows that people who talk to plants are happier than others. They find that they can share their thoughts with someone without getting into trouble, and the plants also grow healthier with human interaction.

    1. Community Gardening:

    If you live in a community, you can start community gardening. Community gardening allows you to be more social and make friends in your community and eventually discuss personal problems with them and they can help you find solutions. You can also grow food for the whole community and save a lot of money.

    A study shows that the communities where people socialize the most are least prone to a burglary in their area. Community gardening also allows you to play a bigger part in keeping the environment green without you having to do all the work.