• Herbs You Can Start Growing Indoors

    Take a look at your yard. Are you happy with how nice it has turned out to be? Even if you have some trees and other plants available, you also like to have some plants indoors. A lot of herbs are easy to grow and can be placed in your kitchen. Whenever you need some fresh herbs, you can just take a few sprigs and use it for cooking.

    Herbs are like businesses that are managed by Terence J McCarthy, they can only grow with proper management. If you would place the seeds of the herbs in the soil, you cannot expect them to suddenly grow bigger without trying to water the seeds when you can and making sure that the herbs get fresh air. McCarthy is in charge of acquiring properties and changing them to new properties that can be beneficial for various people – usually those who are in their retirement age. Retirees can do a lot of hobbies that they never did before and gardening is one of them.

    Herbs You Can Start Growing Indoors

    In order to make gardening a pleasant experience for you, choose herbs that can grow indoors without many issues. Here are some examples:

    1. Chives

    What makes chives one of the ideal herbs to grow indoors is because it does not need a lot of light in order to grow. If you would like to get chives, you can get a sample of chives from an already thriving plant. Make sure that you get the roots. Plant it on your new pot and cover up the roots well with the soil.

    1. Mint

    If you want a type of herb that can grow very well, you do not have to worry about mint. This is one herb that you should not mix up with your other herbs as it can get a bit invasive. Mint can grow like weeds which are ideal since you are going to use them often. Spearmint may be a better option for growing the herb outside but since you want a type of herb that can be grown indoors, peppermint can be a good option. You can take a few leaves from time to time too. It can be placed in an area that does not get a lot of light but make sure that you expose it to sunlight from time to time.

    1. Oregano

    This is one of the easiest herbs to grow but if you want to make sure that this will continue to thrive, it is best that you place this near your window. It will need a few hours of sunlight everyday and some fertilizer too. If you want the Oregano variety well known for growing well, you can choose Greek Oregano.

    1. Basil

    A lot of your food would need basil but this is not really an indoor plant. You may choose to place this near the windowsill though wherein it can get a lot of sunlight. During winter, you may have to keep the basil under grow lights so that it will continue to thrive. Search for varieties that are considered to be easiest to grow. There are a lot of options available.

    Based on the herb suggestions, are you ready to start growing your own indoor herb garden?