• Why the world should follow Michelle Obama and plant a garden?

    obamas garden

    Recently we were able to see USA’s First Lady Michelle Obama engaged in a wonderful and healthy activity. She was gardening and showing the whole world that her passion could also transform the lives of millions of people from all over the world. Michelle Obama is not only about looks but also about action! She has a wonderful garden in the White House together with the kitchen staff! She wanted to show the world the wonders that simple gardening could provide. Let’s dive further into this interesting story that gives us great inspiration and example to have our own garden too.

    The innovative project.

    Although the White House had a garden already, Michelle Obama wanted it to become a true garden with vegetables, fruits and much more. She wanted it to be a place for people to truly become part of nature, where they could touch the soil and enjoy the harvests. Apart from having herself and her whole kitchen staff involved in the project Michelle wanted something more: she wanted children from all over the country to have the opportunity to touch the soil and enjoy nature with her.

    Michelle Obama has been spreading the goods.

    Hundreds of children from all over the country were already able to have a nice afternoon with Michelle Obama and her garden in the White House. Students from public schools are invited to come and share some knowledge and passion with the USA’s First Lady. She has stated several different times that her goal was to make such garden a place for children to play, enjoy and learn new things that would help them become even more human. Some children never had the opportunity to see how plants and fruits grow, never have the chance to touch the soil or even see seeds. This time she wanted to bring some culture and love for these kids.

    obamas garden

    The Garden and Its Charity.

    The food produced in the Garden is used in several different occasions, including official meals and special dinners. Although the garden is able to feed the entire White House there is a lot that would go to waste, after all there are over 1000 square feet of garden to peruse. Michelle Obama wanted to give the extra food a very good destination too! She made sure everything that they produce would also go to Charity homes in the DC area, which happens ever since she started such project.

    This is a wonderful way to feed those who do not have a lot. Gardening is much more than just feeling the nature, it is also bringing opportunities and food for those who need it the most. Michelle does not plan to stop such project anytime soon. Thankfully she will be there for years to continue teaching children and people how important nature can be.more tips and information from http://www.milfordbeacon.com/article/20140724/News/140729859.

  • How to Grow Juicy Tomatos 101

    juicy tomatoes

    Who does not love tomatoes? They can be big, small, red or even orange! They might have a juicy appearance and some sweet notes to them. In fact there are hundreds of different kinds of tomatoes that can be enjoyed by your whole family. In fact if you are planning to have your own tomato plantation home it is important that you take a few tips and reminders into consideration in order to obtain the best results possible. Let’s take a look at some important tips that will help you understand how to plant juicy tomatoes.

    First things first! The soil needs to drain well!

    When choosing the perfect location to plant your tomatoes make sure you keep a few things in mind. It is important to choose a sunny location and to water them frequently. Although tomatoes love water they do not deal well with moist soils. Make sure you choose a place that water drains well, that way no fungi or bacteria will stick to your tomatoes to be. Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of light a day!visit the source at: http://www.pennystomatoes.com/article5.html.

    Plant into well drained soil.

    Make sure you prepare your soil properly before actually planting anything. When you think of tomatoes it is important to keep in mind that they should be planted into deep and dry soil, that way they will have better chances of growing big and juicy. Some people tend to use moist soil, which is not a good option, even if you live somewhere hot. Make sure you pick a nice looking tomato and then bury it until only the top leaves show.

    Keep fungi away!

    Apart from the common composting that can be added to make tomatoes go stronger, growers should also add corn meal, garlic and molasses in order to keep fungi away from the tomatoes. As the main problem when growing tomatoes, fungi is responsible for delivering growers weak and small fruits. You can plant garlic near the tomatoes in order to keep fungi away. You can also add a handful of sand to the soil!

    juicy tomatoes

    Make sure you keep the soil always fertilized.

    Your tomatoes need a lot of nutrients to grow strong and juicy. It is very important that you fertilize on a weekly basis. You can use milk, ammonia and also add some egg shells into the fertilizing mix. Tomatoes need all of the calcium that they can get that is why you should add such items to the soil at least once a week. Make sure you use powdered milk and not liquid milk, after all tomatoes do not like to stay humid for long. Also only add a drop of ammonia in water and then mix it all in a blender to have liquid fertilizer.

    Water frequently, but not too much.

    Tomatoes love water, but not too much. Before you water the tomatoes check if the soil is already dried. If the answer is yes then proceed and water them down, however if the answer is no only water again when the soil is completely dry.

  • Does gardening make us better people?


    Although people believe that gardening is a boring and useless activity it certainly is not. Gardening is a wonderful activity that is able to make people better people. Sometimes we tend to be so caught up into our problems and jobs that we often forget our origins. We are part of nature and we should definitely feel it every once in a while. If you have the opportunity to have a garden near you, do it, you will definitely feel like a brand new person.

    The benefits of gardening.

    Gardening has several different benefits that will help people indeed become better people. Have you ever imagined that by touching the soil and seeing plants and flowers people would be able to relieve stress, feel happier and also have better mental health?! This might seem a little surreal, however gardening has all of that power. People are only able to understand the true powers of gardening once they have actually tried it. If you have never done it, then make sure you do!

    A small list of what gardening can improve in your life:

    • Gardening is a wonderful way to help you relieve stress, after all you will be in contact with nature, beautiful plants and flowers. An excellent way to make your days much better.more gardening tips at http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Gardening_-_people_with_disabilities.

    • Better mental health can also be achieved thanks to gardening. It has also been proven that people that have had experience gardening were able to reduce depression symptoms and were able to lead a much better life.

    • Gardening is also a very nice way to exercise. When people do gardening frequently they will be able to move (bend, crouch, stand up etc) without even noticing. This can help people, especially seniors to feel better as a whole.

    • Gardening is also a wonderful way to remain much healthier. When you grow your very own food you know what gets into it. You will have the opportunity to have your own fruits and vegetables and will also be able to remain far away from toxins.

    • When you garden you also save money! visit this website for more details.


    Everyone can do it!

    Who said gardening is lengthy and only senior’s activity? People of all ages should definitely try it. It is an extremely beneficial activity that is bound to transform people’s lives in a deep and very positive way. People will have the opportunity to become better human beings because they will have the opportunity to stay in contact with mother nature. If you would like to change your life and your family’s for the better make sure you start your own garden now. It does not have to be big. A few vases and some soil will already do the whole trick for you.

    Save money while bringing the family together!

    Gardening is an awesome opportunity to save money and also bring your family together. You can show your children how to plant and how to have fun among nature. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity for us to become better humans.

  • Best indoor plants for your health

    indoor plants

    We all know how great plants can be, especially when they are part of our household decoration. Even if you are not a huge fan of plants, flowers and its derivate it is very important that you see how many benefits they can bring to your whole family. Plants are known for being air purifiers, which means they will clean the air you breath inside of the house if you keep them there. Although there are millions of different plant species, not all of them are ideal to keep in the house (especially if you have animals and children). Let’s take a look at some of the best indoor plants that will purify the air and also be a great decoration item for your residence.

    Aloe Vera

    This succulent plant is an excellent option for those who have bright sports in the house. You can easily place this plant on top of your kitchen counter or even on your living room’s floor. It is beautiful, easy to grow and does not require a lot of care, apart from the water of course. This plant will clean the air and get rid of all of its formaldehyde and benzene (these substances are released on sprays, paints, chemical based cleaners and much more). Apart from its air cleaning abilities this plan is also a great source of aloe, which is a sticky substance inside the plant that helps heal cuts and burns.check more information at http://ottawacitizen.com/life/homes/houseplants-near-a-workspace-can-help-children-study.

    Spider Plant

    This shy looking plant that has long and thin leaves and sometimes white flowers does much more than it shows. This plant is easy to grow and very hard to kill. It is a wonderful option to have near your living room or even in the hall to your bedrooms. This plant is a great fighter that makes the air much cleaner for your whole family to breath. This plant is able to get rid of benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. Some of these substances are usually found in printed items.

    indoor plants

    Golden Pothos

    This is the perfect plant to keep in your garage. This plant requires a little bit more space since it will grow all over the vase and cascade down. Even if you keep it in low light areas it will remain green! This plant should be kept in the garage because it helps the air get rid of all of the pollution that your car exhaust brings in. It is a strong formaldehyde fighter, which means your car gases will disappear from your garage!

    Snake Plant

    This is a great filter to keep in the bathroom. This plant is a great fighter and will definitely get rid of formaldehyde, a very common substance that can be found in toilet paper, cleaning products, tissues and personal care items. If you keep it in your bathroom you will definitely have great results.

  • 5 DIY Composters That Don’t Smell


    Have you ever imagined being able to create yourself some composters that will help your plants while not leaving a foul smell behind? Although some people believe it is quite impossible this article will show you that you can! It is easy, cheap and will not take you a lot of time.

    Fruit and bean composters.

    If you consume a lot of fruits, do not throw those peels on the garbage! You can use them to feed your plants and make them even healthier. It is a very environmental friendly method to turn your garden into a much healthier and natural place. All you will need is to separate the remnants of fruits and beans (such as coffee beans). Make sure you place them in a composting area first and with time move the items so they can become smaller particles. As soon as everything becomes organic matter you can mix in with your plants.

    Vegetables and Shells

    You can also compost vegetables and egg shells for example, without having to deal with a smelly garden. Make sure you separate the vegetables and shells and then throw them all in the composting area. Although vegetables might take a while to become organic material, they will not become smelly anytime. Make sure you mix them with the soil and the shells. In as little as 10 days your compost will be ready for use.read latest news at http://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/2014/08/12/forging-paths-for-new-york-citys-community-composters-a-542878.html.

    Leaves and Logs

    You can create your composting with old logs and leaves! It is possible to create high quality organic material by simply mixing in leaves and logs together. Of course the logs will take longer to compose, however once their do they will provide you a rich formula that will enrich your plants and garden with very important nutrients and vitamins. Another excellent choice for those who do not want to deal with smell or even that would like to deal with a mess in the garden. You can later use the humuh to feed other plants and garden.


    Red worms, fungi, insects, and other bugs

    Although most people might find it quite disgusting, it is not. Fungi and bugs are a very important part of nature. You can compost them and they will not smell bad as most people believe they do. You can keep them away from your house too, in case you are not willing to see them often. You can mix such compost with leaves, grass and logs, in order to get an even richer humus. The more you do it the sooner you will have soil rich in nutrients and vitamins. This is one of the fastest composting you could ever make, after all insects are small and get composted quite fast. If you are looking for non- smelly and quick results then this is an excellent option for you.

    For more information on how to do your own composting check the following link. It will provide you an overall view of composting, its benefits and how to do it in different ways.