• Good Investment and Gardening in Retirement

    We spend most of the years in our lives making a living. One of the most important things that we should do is to ensure that we’re setting ourselves up for a comfortable retirement through investments. In this article, we are going to discuss how best we can invest our money and the good life gardening in retirement. Everyone invests for the future, and there is one very great way to invest your money, even in the events of economic turmoil.

    GSI Exchange have the perfect solution for your investment needs since they focus on investing in precious metals. The demand for precious metals is always greater than the supply and so it does not matter whether the economy is doing well or not across the markets. As a matter of fact, when the economy takes a dip and the dollar loses value, gold and silver tend to rise in their value.

    What they offer:

    • Gold
    • Silver
    • IRA and Retirement

    Reasons Why Precious Metals Are Always Winners

    Over the years, there was a downtrend of precious metals, but in 2016, there was a recovery and investors in silver and gold went smiling all the way to the bank. Gold prices rose by up to 25 percent, while silver to 44 percent. These gains prompted companies to increase their market value by over 100 percent in 2016 alone.

    investing in precious metals

    Economic Turbulence

    The concluded United States Election and the turbulent world economy are some of the things that added to economic uncertainty. The fallout from the Brexit vote last year was another contributing factor that many believe will stunt economic growth in the United Kingdom and the EU as a whole. Investors have become scared because they do not know what lies ahead economically, and thus they choose to put their money in safe investments, precious metals. During such times, one can always bet on gold and silver as the best place to put their funds.

    Supply and Demand

    As I mentioned earlier, with precious metals, there is more demand than there is supply. Mining companies slowed down the production of precious metals over the years, with the chief aim of improving efficiency and profit. The demand became even higher for both silver and gold, and especially silver because of the solar industry needs as well as industrial demands. For gold, it is due to investor demands coupled with the needs of the world’s Central Bank’s.

    Currency Fluctuation

    When the dollar falls, the price of gold tends to fluctuate, and now that a lot of people believe that the U.S. Federal reserve might not raise interest rates, most investors will be seeking safe investments, which just happen to be precious metals.

    Three Reasons to Invest in Silver

    When one thinks of precious metals, the first thing that comes to their mind is gold. Gold is in fact an excellent investment, but don’t forget that there is also silver as well as other metals. Silver happens to be one of the most affordable metals, making it easier for investors to access and buy more of it. Below are the reasons why one should invest in silver:

    1. A wide Array of Uses

    Silver happens to be one of the most used metals across the world, making it have a very high demand. It contains properties that can be used in many different ways, from jewelry and silverware, to electronics and telecommunications. Silver is used to make things that we use every day and as the demand from the solar, electronics and medical industries, there will always be a high demand for it.

    1. A Great Financial Hedge

    Whenever there is inflation or even the mere mention of it, silver products tend to rise. A jog down memory lane to 1980 when inflation hit 14%, silver reached it’s all time high. And then there are the stock markets. Whenever they pass through a rough patch, investors prefer to put their funds in safer places that include silver and gold amongst other precious metals.

    1. Silver Retains its Intrinsic Value

    Silver comes armed with properties that include malleability, corrosion resistance and electric conductivity. These rare characteristics make it a commodity that will maintain its value over time. In addition, silver has served as a currency for thousands of years, for an even longer period than gold has been used as a means of exchange.

    Physical Possession IRA

    Today we have a highly unstable economy, and as a result, investors are looking for safe places to invest their funds. GSI Exchange came up with the perfect solution for them by introducing Physical Possession IRA, a legal way to help one control their retirement with a gold IRA or a silver IRA. With this program, one can purchase and store precious metals using their Gold IRA or Silver IRA.

    Self-Directed IRA’s became legal in 1996, and the Physical Possession IRA falls under this. It is much easier to invest through this than through the traditional custodial accounts. Physical Possession IRA’s are not custodians.

    The Physical Possession IRA Plan Includes:

    • Quick and Easy LLC set-up
    • Articles of Incorporation filed
    • EIN filing with the IRS
    • Transfer money to your Physical Possession IRA
    • Operating Guide and Binder Overnighted
    • Assistance setting up your LLC checking account
    • Free shipping of Precious Metals to your desired location

    Gardening as a Retirement Hobby

    Now that we have our investments safely in precious stones, it is now time for us to check out some of the reasons why gardening is a good retirement hobby. There are many reasons but we are just going to mention a few as reviewed here.

    Great for Exercise

    In old age, it is important for people to keep their muscles active. Gardening involves things like watering, mulching, weeding and many more things that keep the upper and lower muscles active. With the muscles in great shape, it is hard for anyone to succumb to things such as illnesses.

    Healthier Diet

    Planting backyard veggies will most likely mean eating them, consuming up to 40% more veggies and fruits. This is healthier than the veggies that you find in stores and is bound to keep one going for longer.

    Improved Mind and Immune System

    When you keep your mind occupied with gardening, it improves your mental health since it gives you a sense of achievement. It also decreases the chances of getting dementia. There’s also the exposure to the sun that improves immunity and the mood.

    Therapeutic Environment

    According to research, surrounding one with a natural environment reduces stress, provides relaxation, and can even improve healing processes. It reduces anger, anxiety, and pain, causing relaxation and a more peaceful state of mind.

    Those are just some of the advantages of gardening during retirement. Remember, to enjoy the most out of their gardening experience during retirement, one needs to be free of financial stress. Investing in precious stones will leave you stress free as your funds will be safe for years to come.

  • How Gardening and Meditation Go Hand-in-Hand

    There is more than one way to meditate. You don’t have to sit completely still, propped up on a special pillow, and with your eyes closed to get the benefits of regular meditation. In fact, gardening can serve as a form of moving meditation for those who choose to enjoy that benefit.

    If you want to let your gardening be more than a simple task you manage, here are some tips to help you enjoy gardening as a meditative art.

    Tune In To Your Senses

    Part of meditation is being present in the now. That means you aim to quiet your mind and shut out any distractions while giving your complete attention to this exact moment. Gardening provides a unique opportunity to increase your awareness by tuning into each of your senses as you do your work.

    How Gardening and Meditation Go Hand-in-Hand

    When you dig your hands into the dirt, take a moment to acknowledge how it truly feels. Examine the texture and temperature, and consider how damp of dry the soil is. Then, move to the smell. Let the aroma penetrate deeply while you consider its intricacies. Examine it with your eyes and listen to it as you move it in your hands.

    After you have fully appreciated the experience, move on to the next and follow the same path. Truly experience your gardening activities for all it has to offer, and let yourself get caught up in the moment.

    Release Your Stresses

    While it is easy to say you need to avoid becoming distracted, it is actually quite challenging in practice. As you begin your gardening meditation, don’t berate yourself if your mind wanders to your daily worries. Instead, acknowledge the thought, and then set it free.

    To help make the process easier, imagine your thought as a small, tangible object. Then, place the thought carefully on the top of a leaf and imagine a stream carrying it away.

    The point isn’t to ignore the other aspects of your life, but simply to allow yourself to focus on this exact moment for the time being. Worrying is often unproductive, so give yourself permission to escape its grasp while you focus on the task at hand.

    Enjoy the Space

    Even if there isn’t any gardening to do, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meditation session in the space. Find a comfortable place to sit, and simply allow yourself to experience the space. Again, acknowledge sights, smells, and feelings. If there is sunlight on your shoulders, consider its warmth and how comforting it may feel. If you hear a bird in the distance, take a moment to concentrate on the song. Continue to release any intruding thoughts as mentioned earlier in the article, and then simply refocus on the present.

    Over time, the process of meditating will become easier. You will find fewer thoughts entering into your mind, and you can more easily focus on what is happening around you in your immediate present. In fact, you may look forward to this time to yourself. Many people find the experience freeing and rejuvenating. Some end their sessions feeling more energized while others maintain a sense of peace or calm.

    Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to meditate, as long as the practice works for you. If you want more information about meditation, visit http://msia.org.au/ and dig a little deeper into what it means to practice meditation.

  • Market & Run Your Gardening & Landscaping Company with Bulk SMS

    Gardening services is one of the simplest businesses you can start.  All you need to get started is a garden gear, a truck and trailer and a few employees and you can instantly start your very own company.  You can even add to your gardening services by getting a landscaping degree which will enable you to design professional looking gardens. Gardening and landscaping is one of the most affordable businesses you can start and this type of business can easily be successful if you only have a good marketing strategy.  Bulk SMS is something you defiantly need to look into if you want to give your gardening and landscaping business that boost it needs.

    Market & Run Your Gardening & Landscaping Company with Bulk SMS

    What is bulk SMS?

    Bulk SMS or SMS marketing basically involves sending mass messages to lots of numbers.  As a company you don’t have the time to sit around and type each message and contact number manually.  It will take you hours and you will soon give up trying to contact all your clients.  With bulk messaging software you can type out your message easily, add as many numbers as you like within minutes and send to everyone in just a few minutes.  TextPlode is a company that specializes in bulk SMS solutions and can help your company out instantly.  You can visit https://textplode.com to find out more about their terrific solutions for small to large companies and organizations.

    Market with bulk SMS

    Bulk SMS marketing is much better than mass email marketing or even social media advertising because you are instantly reaching all of your clients since everyone always has their phones with them.  They can receive all you have to say to them with the glance of an eye.  This enables you to give all your clients information on all the latest specials, services, promotions and much more that your gardening and landscaping service has to offer.

    Supply your contact details instantly

    When you send out messages to the public and everyone on your database, they instantly have your contact details so they can start using your service the moment that big emergency happens.  With bulk SMS they don’t have to look for that lost business card.  They can simply check their messages to find your company.

    Notify with bulk SMS

    Lots of sudden changes can happen in a small garden and landscaping service.  You may suddenly not be available for services due to a shortcoming of staff or a breakdown.  You may expand and want to promote your new services or you may have a change in your company name.  With bulk SMS you can instantly notify all your clients of all of these big changes so you can run more smoothly and gain more income.

    Bulk SMS saves you time and money

    You will save a lot of time on promotion with bulk SMS because it is so easy to use.  You will also save a lot of money on marketing because the packages for businesses and small companies are incredibly affordable.

  • How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Garden

    Do you realize that the choices that you are going to make regarding the plants you will put on your garden will make a huge difference on how your garden will look like? It will be easy to choose some plants because of their appearance but all of the plants that you have picked, do you think that they will all look great together? There is a very big chance that they will not especially if you picked them at random.

    Making a choice is always hard because you will always have an opinion about the things that you are going to do. For example, whenever you check out Foundation for Defense of Democracies, you cannot always say that you agree with everything that you read. You do know that it helps you become more aware of the things that are happening around the world. At least it gives you an idea about what you should watch out for and it also gives you the strength to believe in what you think is right.

    How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Garden

    You may feel the same way about your plants. You feel that even if you choose them randomly, you can make them work for you. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right plants:

    1. Even if you would not choose plants that are all similar to each other, you can still make them work if you would position the plants properly.
    2. Find plants that are all colored differently. It is best that you will have some variation in your garden. Having flowering plants can be amazing if you know that you can take good care of them and if you know the season when they will start to bloom.
    3. Know which of the plants that you have picked out are aggressive and intrusive. There are some plants that will take over the spot of the nearby plants because of their aggressive nature. It is best that you would keep these plants in pots so you can control their growth.
    4. The shapes of the plants will make a huge difference with how your garden looks. If you would have some random bushes mixed in with your plants in a jumbled manner, do you think your garden will look amazing? Your garden will just look messy and this is not something that you want to happen.
    5. Place together some plants that all seem similar. There are some plants that are similar to each other that from a far, they will all look like one big plant. You can just cut them to get the desired shape and you can be sure that they will be a good addition to your garden.

    Remember that in choosing plants you should not just focus on the shape, the height and when it is going to start flowering. You also have to consider the plants that you are going to place it with and how they are all going to complement each other. This is the best way that you can plan the appearance of your garden.

  • Gardening as a Means to Better Health

    Staying active and in optimal health is a struggle for many Americans. We have been inundated with a vast array of reasons to remain on our rushes behind computer screens or in front of TV screens. Even our outdoor activities often involve sitting on a four wheeler or motorcycle. It is time we understood that we can use gardening as a means to better health.

    When we get older we start looking at all the aches and pains we experience. We spend time doing research about the potential causes for that pain in our chest, or that ache in our back. Wouldn’t it be something if we decided to take a more active course, to start pursuing better health in our backyards? Well, we can, because there is proof that gardening is good for us.

    Gardening as a Means to Better Health

    Reasons Gardening is Good for You

    We all know that the more time we spend outside (covered in appropriate intensity SPFs), the better we feel. There is certainly something refreshing about being able to breathe in fresh clean air from our own gardens that can make all the difference in our demeanor. Well, there are additional reasons to spend time weeding and planting too. Here are some things to consider:

    • Gardening can decrease your potential to have a stroke. The Journal of the American Heart Association provides that statement.
    • Gardening can help you burn calories. This is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because, they say, light gardening and yardwork are almost equivalent to lifting weights when done for the same period of time.
    • Lose weight while gardening. Here we discover the concept of heavy gardening as a means of weight reduction. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute mentioned that gardening can decrease blood pressure too. Read more.
    • Osteoporosis be gone. All the bending and stretching that accompanies real gardening allows your muscles to get a really good workout. This will help keep you strong in your battle against chronic arthritis.
    • Beat the stress. One of the most intense contributors to poor health is the level of stress we endure on a daily basis. However, studies show that cortisol, the stress hormone, is decreased as we spend time in our gardens.
    • Flowers make you feel better. Flowers have been shown to improve mood. That shouldn’t be a big surprise, just think about how thrilled you were the last time you got some. They will almost immediately impact your level of happiness. Learn more.
    • Get some meaning in life. Gardening has an interesting way of putting things into perspective. While we garden we are accosted with the awe of natural beauty and the gratitude we feel for its presence in our lives. This can make a lasting impression on our psyche.
    • Digging boosts mood. That might seem like an odd statement but it has been studied. Children who are allowed to get dirty generally have better immune systems than those who were kept in sterile environments. That exposure to dirt makes them healthier, and healthy people are significantly happier than those who are not well.

    Gardening opens doors to exploration and discovery. The solitude and peace it affords is nearly as productive and beneficial as praying. Spend more time in your garden and watch how much your health improves. Read more about that here.

  • Make Green Smoothies Straight From Your Garden

    There are few things as terrific as stepping out to your back yard to scout for some fresh veggies for your home.  That crisp feeling of picking fresh crunchy spinach or the smell of the ground when you pull out your very own carrots from the ground is something that words cannot explain.  Planting your own veggies is great fun.  You learn so much about the different plants and about soil and fertilizers.  You also save your household a lot of money and your family is a lot healthier since they are constantly only consuming only the healthiest freshly picked veggies.  You can also lose a lot of weight from your own garden by drinking green smoothies.

    Why drink green smoothies

    Green smoothies usually contain healthy ingredients such as ice, coconut milk, cucumber, spinach, celery and more.  When you drink green smoothies for a detox period you remove a lot of unhealthy toxins from your body, your tummy shrinks a bit and you lose quite a few inches during the detox period.

    Make Green Smoothies Straight From Your Garden

    Get a good blender for smoothie making

    A good blender will last you a lifetime.  It is important to do proper research on the durability and functionality of blenders that are on the market so your smoothie making experiences will be easy and quick.  Good blenders like the Vitamix or the Blendtee will also allow you to make a great variety of beverages, deserts and even dinners.  You can click here to find out which of the two blenders is the blender of the year and to scout for all of the best prices for these two wonderful makes.

    Plants you will need in your garden

    There are so many plants and so little space.  If you are planting your home garden with the goal of making green smoothies then you definitely should consider investing in veggies that are for green smoothies or health smoothies.  Of course you can use your veggies for other things as well or you can imply use your garden to show off in front of all of your friends.  The top plants you will need for green smoothies include;

    • Kale
    • Spinach
    • Beet – For health smoothies use the beet. For green smoothies use the beet greens
    • Collards
    • Cucumber
    • Parsley
    • Lettuce
    • Watercress

    You won’t be using all of these ingredients in your green smoothies but it is always nice to have more variety so you can mix and match.

    Other things you can add to your smoothies

    Drinking only greens is going to taste quite a bit foul.  You need to combine your green smoothies with a sweet fruit such as apples, grapefruit, pears, oranges or more.  You can also boost the flavor by adding herbs such as ginger or lemon juice.  Once you have these main ingredients you will need a liquid to combine your green smoothies. You can use water, coconut water or green tea.

    Now that you have everything you need, you can simply plunge those big chunks into your super blender, click a button and serve in five minutes.

  • Relieve Stress by Gardening

    Life is challenging. There are things that happen, almost daily, to throw us into a frenzy of stress. The car breaks down, a child gets arrested, our roof leaks, the list can go on. So what can we do when those situations overwhelm us? Perhaps we should consider learning how to relieve stress by gardening.

    Before you start looking to contact former district attorneys, Los Angeles CA due to your child’s extracurricular, illegal activities, you might want to take a moment to get things in perspective. Your son or daughter will have to be held responsible for his/her own poor choices. Sure, you can provide them with access to decent legal assistance, but you will need to draw the line somewhere. You can’t allow your child’s bad behavior to push you over the edge.

    Relieve Stress by Gardening

    Combatting Stress via Your Garden

    Things may look insurmountable and you might prefer to just curl up in a ball on the couch. But, this is not an acceptable way to deal with the stress you are feeling. Instead, consider combatting it by spending time in your garden. Here are some great methods to start practicing:

    1. Not a Chore– Don’t allow the time you spend in your garden to feel like a chore. You have to ensure that it remains a hobby in order for it to have any stress relieving value in your life. Don’t set a goal too large for yourself. Only do what, and how much, you want at any given time.
    2. Be Nature’s Friend– There are plenty of studies available that show how time spent in nature can drastically reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Your mood will be revived and your body relaxed if you will allow yourself to become friends with nature. Learn more.
    3. Leave the Phone– Those gadgets that we seem to believe must be with us at every waking moment are actually contributing to high blood pressure and burdened emotions. Leave your phone inside while you garden so that you can get the full therapeutic benefits of the outdoors.
    4. Pay Attention– The time you spend in nature should be just that, time spent soaking in all the joys. Pay attention to the birds, bees, and butterflies. You will note the upward curvature of your lips as you breathe deeply in their presence.
    5. Be Creative– See your garden as an opportunity to run free with your creativity. Plant flowers of varying colors, shapes, and sizes. Add contrasting patterns and odd looking plants. Include sculptures and handmade stepping stones. Whatever will make you smile when you set foot into your secret stress less space. Read this for ideas.
    6. Be Neighborly– When you are outside there is the potential to connect with those who live nearby. Sometimes stress can be relieved by simple conversations with people we know. Allow that opportunity when you are out in your garden.
    7. Embrace Wildlife– Be sure to plant those things that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Their presence will enhance your pleasurable garden time. You can’t help but feel happy when butterflies flit around or hummingbirds grace you with their presence. To understand which plants are best for hummingbirds, go here.

    Gardening can be quite a phenomenal stress reliever if you will follow these seven suggestions. And if you have to provide the legal assistance for your child’s wayward behavior, you are definitely going to need some stress reduction.

  • How to Keep Your Garden Clean

    A lawn area at a home can be a desert garden. On the off chance that you have a green thumb, making the outside of your house is pretty much as critical as within. The outside of the house is the primary look at your property and ought to be wonderful in its own privilege. A patio nursery can be helpful in such a large number of courses from giving sustenance to magnificence to the eye. The numerous advantages of a lawn don’t come without diligent work and industriousness. Mortgage holders must take practically consistently to give care and supporting to the patio nursery space.

    It is fundamental that the greenery enclosure zone stay spotless and prepared with the goal that it looks delightful as well as is anything but difficult to keep up. At the point when a patio nursery zone is not kept up, it takes much more work to recover the lawn fit as a fiddle. A couple of straightforward tips have been assembled beneath to property holders to keep a flawless and clean garden with only a little exertion.


    Garden tools under the rain

    Garden tools under the rain

    Inspect Plants Carefully

    Each plant in your lawn space must be analyzed all the time. Every plant is another life and plants can without much of a stretch create maladies or issues. When this happens, different plants can be influenced and rapidly cause a terrible issue with your greenery enclosure. To maintain a strategic distance from this, look at your plants all the time. Do you see staining? Do you see openings or chomps from creatures in your vegetation? These are all indications of significant issues that ought to be dealt with now instead of later. By inspecting your plants you will maintain a strategic distance from any significant issues with your lawn space.

    Weed Trimmer

    A weed trimmer is a flawless instrument for any patio nursery. A trimmer can give you an appropriate approach to trim certain regions in the greenery enclosure that a garden cutter can’t reach. With a weed trimmer, you can chop down weeds, trim back vegetation and access those difficult to achieve places. A weed trimmer comes in various structures, for example, gas, electric and battery.

    Grass Update

    Another incredible approach to keep your greenery enclosure looking awesome is to overhaul it. This can happen in a wide range of structures. You may wind up dealing with specific territories more than you might want. On the off chance that you have plants that are bringing about you trouble, evacuate them and plant an alternate sort. You can even discover somebody to take the plant you might want to dispose of to just reuse the greenery. You can likewise add new elements to the greenhouse, for example, style or seating. Any overhaul to the space will make it appear to be new and more pleasant.




    Clean and Mend

    Continuously keep your greenery enclosure spotless and sorted out. Miss-pounded vegetation just looks untidy. By keeping your vegetation trimmed and the zone clean, you have a pleasant sorted out space. Stroll around the property at any rate once every week and get apparatuses, waste and flotsam and jetsam that might be lying in the yard. This will permit you to keep the space clean with insignificant exertion.  As important as it is to keep the outside of your house clean; it’s equally important to keep the inside clean as well. Check out this site to hire some extra help to keep things clean and shiny around the house!

    Water Features

    Yet another extraordinary expansion to any patio nursery is a water highlight. This should be possible in numerous structures from a wellspring to a hot tub or pool. A water highlight is dependably a fun expansion that can light up any space. Water elements can be little for a close setting or bigger for the most extreme impact. In any case, the alternatives are unending and property holders will find that the choice is both unwinding and outwardly engaging.

    These are only a couple of alternatives that will keep your patio nursery flawless and clean. Find what works for you and keep at it with the goal that you have a delightful outside space!

  • 7 Tools Every Gardener Should Own

    7 Tools Every Gardener Should Own

    Gardening is one the most exciting and healthiest activities you can do. It doesn’t only provide fresh produce, but it also offers plenty of fresh air, vitamin D, and exercise – which are all great for your overall wellbeing. However, gardening can also be challenging, especially for beginners. Just buying the tools you need to be able to get started can already give you headache. But there’s no need for you to worry as we’ve gathered here the best tools you’ll need to start your own garden. Check them out:

    1. Shovel. This is one the most important tools that you should purchase if you want to grow your own plants. Its primary role is to help you dig deep holes for planting, but you’ll also need it to do a lot of other essential gardening tasks, including removing sod, scooping debris, spreading mulch, edging beds, and transferring soil and small rocks from a place to another.
    2. Rake. Just like shovels, rakes also play a lot of important roles when it comes to planting. They are useful for loosening the soil, collecting leaves, removing dead grass from your garden, taking out debris and other trash around the plants without harming them, and spreading mulch. Get a rake with sturdy yet flexible teeth.
    3. Pruners. These are necessary for gardening as you’ll need them to trim and shape plants, remove dead flowers’ heads, and cut damaged plants and branches. There are many different types of pruners out there, be sure to choose a pair that fits comfortably in your hand – and something that is affordable yet long-lasting as you’ll be using these gardening essentials a lot.
    4. Scissors. Not just any scissors, but something that are especially designed for gardening. For ease of use, look for a pair that is lightweight and has sharp blades. Since you’ll be using them often to trim plants, remove dead stems and leaves, deadhead, and harvest vegetables, you don’t want them to be heavy in your hands. Make sure to pick a pair that you can carry comfortably while you use them.
    5. Gloves. Every gardener knows that owning a good pair of gloves is essential when gardening. A good pair can help your hands stay dry, warm, and comfortable, as well as keep them protected from sharp tools and thorns. Gloves also help keep you from infection as they prevent dirt and dangerous chemicals from getting under your nails and into your wounds (if there’s any).
    6. Bucket. This is a very simple gardening tool that serves a lot of purpose. A bucket can be used as a soil container, where you can put soil and transfer them to another location. You can also use it to transport rocks to a place where your wheel barrow won’t reach. Of course, you can use it for watering your plants. Or if you’re already tired and want to rest for a while, you can turn it over and use it as a seat.
    7. Journal. Whether you’re a newbie or already a pro, keeping a garden journal is a must to help keep you track of your garden’s progress. Get a notebook, and then write everything about your garden – the plants you planted, where you planted them, how often did you water and fertilize them, etc. Make sure to carry a quality pen like a fountain pen, every time you visit your garden to instantly record any important event. (If you’re looking for fountain pen reviews, visit bestpensintheworld.com.) Keeping garden records can help improve your garden skills and experience.
  • Gardening: A Great Form of Exercise

    These days, when you ask people about fitness, they’ll immediately think of the gym or treadmill. Well, in this fast-paced age, where everything is relied on modern technology, it is no doubt why treadmills and other exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes and elliptical trainers, are so popular. Wherever you go these days, you can see people looking for ideas on how or where to find treadmills to buy.

    But while treadmill workouts can be effective in losing unwanted fats, they also sometimes become a boring task, especially if you’re just working out alone. But fret not. Researchers have found out that even if you’re just alone, you can still lose pounds and enjoy. And the good news is you no longer need to buy expensive gym equipment or get a gym subscription to do that, because it is already available at the comfort of your own home – in your very own garden, in fact.


    More and more scientists are confirming that gardening provides the same positive health benefits as other forms of exercises, like running, jogging, doing crunches, doing pushups, and planking. Aside from losing weight, doing different garden activities, such as planting the seeds, raking the soil, watering the plants, and trimming hedges, can also improve your emotional and mental health, according to experts. As what Melissa Roti, an assistant professor at Westfield State College said, “Gardening is a great way to maintain flexibility and tone muscles.” And the more you exert yourself, the more benefits you get.

    Recently, researchers at Kansas State University conducted a study to determine how gardening benefits the older adults. And they found out that gardening is truly an effective way to exercise. In fact, they discovered that gardening is a form of “moderate intensity workout” that can maintain and improve health if performed regularly, at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Modern intensity exercise is a kind of physical activity that only requires moderate amount of effort but significantly increases your heart rate. The increased heart rate is enough to eliminate excess fats, reduce blood pressure, and decrease cholesterol levels.

    A 2012 study published in the American Journal of Public Health also showed that gardening can help lower body mass index (BMI) and reduce your risk of being overweight. The study suggests that an active lifestyle can help you in managing your overall health and weight, because when you exercise outdoors, you work much harder but perceive it easier because the activities are much enjoyable than when you exercise indoors.

    So, if going to gym or running on treadmill leaves you yawning all the time, consider gardening. Gardening is a great and fun activity that you can do alone or with someone while losing some unwanted pounds and at the same time improving your mood and health.