• Clothing Items That Should Be in Your Gardener’s Wardrobe

    One of the most fun parts of gardening is getting your hands all dirty and muddy.  If there is no mud involved then you aren’t doing gardening right.  Dirt contains a lot of healthy germs that your body needs to develop a strong immune system and to build good tolerance against all the terrible germs, bacteria and diseases out there.  Our modern clinical way of living is exactly why so many people have a hard time at staying healthy.  You need that constant exposure to natural dirt, grime and germs so your body’s immune system can build a good tolerance and be ready for the dirty and wild world.  But gardening can be a bit tough on your beautiful clothing and on your skin and that is exactly why everyone needs a good gardener’s wardrobe.

    Clothing Items That Should Be in Your Gardener’s Wardrobe

    What should be in y our gardener’s wardrobe?

    Sure, your old torn jeans and sneakers will probably do for a gardening expedition but everyone wants to look good, even as they get all messy and dirty in the garden and with the right wardrobe you will look like a dedicated gardener, you will be much more enthusiastic to get out there since wearing gardening outfits isn’t nearly as embarrassing as wearing those old clothes and you will be much more goal oriented when you are dressed for the occasion.

    Hiking boots – Most people make the mistake of buying rain boots for gardening.  These boots aren’t really suitable for gardening because they don’t allow a lot of flexibility.  You cannot move your ankles as freely as needed and the boots are incredibly warm and sweaty because of their rubber substance.  Beginner hiking boots are perfect for all of your gardening activities because these boots are waterproof, durable, strong and they provide all the protection you will need for gardening activities.  The hiking boots also have a fantastic look which makes it the perfect casual boots to wear on any of your trips, casual home days or gardening endeavors.

    Sun hatSkin cancer is no game and wearing a hat is a must. A baseball cap is still better than no hat at all but a sun hat is much better for garden work because sun hats also protect your ears, neck and chest from the harsh rays of the sun.

    Knee pads – With knee pads you can crawl about your garden as much as you like without damaging or staining your knees.

    Textured gloves – These gloves are great for protecting your hands and still give you a firm grip on gardening tools.

    Utility apron – With a utility apron you can carry a lot of garden tools with you as you work which greatly boosts your overall productivity.

    Coveralls – Denim coveralls are back in fashion and are also one of the best garden outfits that you can choose because they provide great protection and give you a great outdoorsy look.

    Jacket – Choose a jacket that is loose fitting, flattering and flexible so you can move around freely as you work in your garden.