• Keep Animals Away from Your Garden

    People who have gardens know how much hard work goes into building one. It is not something that is created overnight. You have to spend months choosing the right plants, grass, and flowers to plant in your garden. Once you buy these items, you need to plant them, water them, and take care of them in every way. A garden is like a small child that needs nourishment and attention for it to grow into something beautiful. Various things can damage your garden. From pesticides to large animals to floods and what not, you must be prepared for all these dangers.

    Keep Animals Away from Your Garden

    This article will allow you to keep your garden safe from animal attacks:

    • Use A Small Crossbow

    A crossbow is a combination of a bow and a rifle. It is the more modern version of a traditional bow which releases an arrow and kills anything that comes in its path. There are various sizes of crossbows available in the market. You can buy the small sized ones, and you can use them to hunt the animals that attack your garden. Each type of crossbows embraces different strengths and weaknesses.

    You do not have to concentrate on them as the purpose for which you are buying it, requires a simple one. Another thing to note here is you do not need to buy a more expensive crossbow. A cheap one will be good enough for you. Before you start using the crossbow, make sure you have had a lot of practice. As you are using it in your garden, if it misses the animal, it will damage your plants. Your aim has to be perfect. You can practice on the board or any other target until you are sure you can handle it in the garden.

    • Use A Loud Noise To Scare The Animals Away

    Modern technology has allowed you to keep your garden safe while also not harming the animals. A good plan to do this is by using lasers. Lasers can be bought from the market, and you should know how to use them. There are proximity sensors that come with the lasers, and as soon as they detect anything coming near them, the laser light turns on, and there is a loud noise that can be heard. That scares the animals away as they usually approach gardens at night. This laser and sound method is beneficial especially if you have to leave your house and yard for several days. You do not have to spend money on hiring a security person. All you require to do is invest in the products and learn how to use them. The installation might require professional help which you can get from any person who deals with lasers.

    • Sprays And Smells

    Animals are sensitive to certain smells and scents. There are different sprays available on the market that have these scents. You can use them in your garden as they do not have any chemicals in them. They will not harm your plants. The key to buying the correct spray is identifying which animals surround the area where you live in. In some places, you can find cats and dogs, while in others wolves and big lizards roam around freely. These species are sensitive to different smells.

    For example, cats hate the smell of coffee so you can get a coffee scented spray and use it if you garden is the next target. Orange and lemon scents also do not sit too well with various animals. These sprays are usually not that expensive, but they do tend to finish quickly. Use them efficiently.