• How to Dig Up Garden Earthworms for Your Fishing Trip

    Fish bait can be quite expensive, not to mention hard to get your hands on.  Earthworms is one of the best bait types because you can catch such a great variety of fish species with this one form of bait and getting earthworms isn’t expensive at all. And unlike other bait that will get rotten and smelly fast, earthworms will last much longer at your fishing spot no matter how hot it gets. Getting your earthworms simply involves a bit of digging in your back yard and a bit of farming and soon you could have an unlimited supply of earthworms for all of your fishing trips no matter what season it may be.  If you cannot find earthworms in your garden then it is a good time to get some earthworms because these worms are essential for great garden health and good quality soil.

    How to Dig Up Garden Earthworms for Your Fishing Trip

    How to dig up earthworms

    There are quite a few tricks to catch these slimy creatures but the biggest catch is to get them without harming them which usually happen when you dig with a shovel. Here are the steps for the best way to catch earthworms;

    Get a container ready – The first step is to get your container ready.  Add some moist dirt with plenty of plant debris to a container.  It is important to remember that your soil shouldn’t be too wet or your earthworms could end up drowning and you shouldn’t cover the container up with a sealed lid since they still need air.

    Shovel them up – Loosen up some dirt with a spade and shovel carefully while you scan for earthworms.  Soil that is rich in plant debris and moisture is the best area to look for earthworms.

    Use the cardboard trick – If you are afraid of harming the earthworms then night catching is the best alternative.  Place a cardboard on the ground and wait for the sun to set.  Look under the cardboard box to see if any earthworms have surfaced.

    Wait for rainy weather – Earthworms are very likely to surface during rainy weather because they can drown if the soil gets too moist.  Have a look around during rainy weather to see if there are any worms about.

    Start an earthworm farm in the back yard

    Once you have your worms, starting a worm farm couldn’t be easier. You can click here to learn how to farm earthworms and even find out how to build a commercial worm farm if you plan on selling them for an extra income.

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