• What Is The Perfect Truck For Your Gardening Service?

    Gardening and landscaping is a business that anyone can start quite easily and run successfully.  Anyone with a truck that is… Providing proper garden care isn’t the easiest of jobs and each and every garden you visit will require some waste removal, not to mention the space you need to haul around all of your gardening tools like a lawn mower, weed eater, chain saw and more.  It is safe to say that no truck means no gardening service.  Choosing the right truck for your service isn’t easy either.  You have to consider all of the following aspects before you make your final decision.

    What Is The Perfect Truck For Your Gardening Service?

    A tow bar is a must

    The chances are pretty good that some gardens will have a lot of waste to tow away, especially during Autumn when there are so much falling leaves and cut offs to remove from a garden.  With a tow bar you can easily add an extra trailer to your truck so you can provide your services much more time and fuel efficiently.

    Look for something fuel efficient

    Older trucks may be a cheap investment but their fuel consumption will leave you with very little profit in the end.  Look for a modern truck that is fuel efficient so you can provide gardening services at a much lower rate.

    Single or double cab truck

    Single cab trucks have a lot more space for your gardening gear but little space for your employees.  A double cab truck is a much better solution for gardeners that are planning on expanding their services soon because you can hire more staff without having to worry about transportation issues.

    Check the weight capacity of the vehicle

    Small trucks are terrific for traveling around but they can only load that much.  Your average garden waste doesn’t weigh much which means weight capacity isn’t quite as important as long as you don’t decide on tree removal services or go into landscaping that might result in heavy loads.

    Affordable services

    You don’t want a truck that is too expensive to service.  Failing to service your truck regularly can be catastrophic.  Consider your car brand’s general service fees and do a bit of comparison before you make your final decision on the right brand for your gardening service.

    White is always best

    A white truck is by far the best choice you can make because it is always much easier to brand a white vehicle than any other color vehicle.  You can get an entire vehicle vinyl wrap and include all of your services, contact details and the general look of your business so you can continuously market your business as you go.

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