Starting Up Your Own Gardening Business

Are you a green-fingered gardening prodigy who wants to turn a hobby into a profitable business? Or do you feel the need to sell gardening equipments to the customers or to a market? Or perhaps, you are just a middle-aged person who is unemployed in this current economic climate or you work less than 16 hours per week. Whatever your interest or situation may be, be it selling gardening products, selling gardening services to householders or simply wanting to make a living by communicating with people outside the office, then running your own nursery or horticulture business is what you need. Gardening can not only bring your own job some security during the harsh economic climate, but it can also bring you tons of health benefits. So hold on to your seats as we present you with some tips for keen gardeners to startup a gardening business.

Gain work experience

The first step to starting up a business is to become skilled in that particular field. So you need to gain real work experience with the gardening environment and know how gardening equipment function. If you happen to have worked in a gardening company for a period of time, then you will gain some insight on how to run a business. You can then put this valuable experience into practice when you start your own business.

Spread the word

Distribute business cards, leaflets or even advertise in local newspapers or magazines to let your neighborhood know what you are up to. You can give presentations or talks or even create your own website to attract customers and reach-out to them. You can also run some special online offers or promotions or offer some free-services to friends and family so that you benefit from favorable introductions via word of mouth.

Keeping customers

What is a successful business without some loyal and regular customers? The key to a thriving business is a good customer service. After finishing a job, always ask your customers if they are happy with your work. Try to do small jobs, like weeding or repairing something without being asked. This will keep your customers happy.

Few more tips to keep in mind

  • Build relationships with other gardeners as they can help you get customers and can help you in your time of need.
  • Train your apprentices properly, as they can bring more work for you.
  • Always listen carefully to the customer first about what you are being asked to do, and then make alternate suggestions, because first impressions are very crucial.
  • Try to learn about trees and plants as much as possible and also learn when to prune them.
  • Be versatile and be prepared to do anything you are being asked for. If something is beyond your field of expertise, let the customer know at the earliest.
  • Once your business is established, you can hire payroll services to handle your payroll activities so that you and your staff can focus on other productive activities.


Establishing a garden business can be a great way to ensure a constant flow of income even if the world is experiencing unemployment or job insecurity. But starting up a business is not an easy job, even for an experienced gardener. For a flourishing business, one must be both a competent gardener and a shrewd businessman.


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