Start thinking green with green fingers

My mother always had the capability to plant just about anywhere and it would grow. I decided recently that I would like to grow my own vegetables and herbs. I was amazed at how much work goes into a project like this. If you feel the need for beautifully fresh home grown veggies you should know that there are a few steps you might need a bit of guidance with before bragging about your own homegrown veggies. It is a process that requires time, hard work and patience but it is also incredibly rewarding seeing the results and fruits of your labor if all has been done correctly. Here are a few helpful and useful tips for starting your own veggie garden. Read more about starting your own veggie garden.

Start thinking green with green fingers

Create the right space with raised beds

Install raised beds to create the right space for successful planting. Make sure that you use your planting space efficiently and that there is enough space for every plant to grow. Every veggie needs its own space to flourish and different vegetables need different beds to grow in. Click here for more tips on how to install raised beds.

Defy the elements

Your veggie patch needs a spot that provides just enough sunlight for the plants to grow. You also need to have a water source easily accessible and closely available for convenient watering purposes. Be sure to have a form of shelter from wind or frost to avoid any nasty surprised brought by a windy or cold day. These little plants are going to turn into your soft juicy tomatoes or cucumbers, take good care of them.

Grow your veggies up with allocated support

Install supports to use space efficiently for example tomatoes, tomatoes grow up and will flourish if it has a support to grow on, This obviously is not necessary for veggies that grow underground. Perhaps use a piece of wired fence to do this, this form of planting will also work for cucumbers.

Harvest your veggies regularly

Once your planted vegetables start growing make sure you harvest regularly. Avoid any pests or critters getting to your hard work before you do. This is also a healthy way to plant again and make way for new vegetables.

Start with greens

Green vegetables are by far the easiest to grow, perhaps start with greens in your garden till you get the hang of it and find your inner farmer. Green vegetables are also easier to adapt to any climate and sudden changes.

Growing vegetables in a pot

It is a chosen method for many to grow veggies in a pot. There are various things you would need to prepare to do this successfully. Find the right potting soil and look up which veggies grow better in a pot. If you are keeping these potted veggies indoors purchase an air purifier to provide your plants with the best and cleanest environment to grow in. Take a look at for some great ideas.

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