Seed-Starting Pots Around Your House

With planting season just around the corner, the sooner you inaugurate your seeds, the bigger they will be when the time to put them in the soil approaches, and the faster you will be able to start gathering food from your own garden. There are a number of worthwhile methods of inventing your own seed pots from household items that you probably have in the wastebasket at the moment. Seed pots can be made from toilet paper rolls, eggshells, and to-go containers. To construct your own toilet paper roll seed starters, you will need duct tape, toilet paper roll, razors, and scissors. You can find suitable razors at best safety razors.

Seed-Starting Pots Around Your House

To make your seed pots from egg shells, you will need eggs, egg carton, butter knife, nail, hammer, and a small spoon. Seeds can also be started in to-go containers. You will need to purchase a good seed-starting mix so that you can grow assorted, healthy and nourishing seedlings. Once you have these materials at hand, you are good to go. You also need to keep your pots in a well-lit room and water them daily. The methods of constructing your own seed pots from these household items are penned in greater detail below:

Toilet Paper Rolls

To start off, using your scissors and razor, nick the toilet paper roll in half. Next, take one of the halves and cut four openings about ¾’ up the roll. Then fold the whole roll into one another to make the bottom of your seed pot. Make sure you use the duct tape to close the bottom. Finally, put your seed mix and assorted seeds inside and cover it with more soil. Once the seedling is ready to be transplanted out into the soil, you can open the bottom of the paper roll and stick it into the soil, as the toilet paper roll will biodegrade into the soil.


Firstly, using a butter knife, eradicate the top of the eggshell carefully, and place the egg in a separate dish. To get rid of any evidence of Salmonella, boil the eggshells for a few minutes, and then leave them outside for one day to dry out. Hammer a small hole into the bottom of each shell once they are dry.

Then place the eggshells in your egg carton and fill each one of them halfway with the seed-starting mix. Put your seeds into each shell and fill the rest of it up with soil. After a few days, crack the shell carefully and place your eggshell pot out in the soil in a hole- not only will the eggshell decompose, but it will also protect your plant from pests and provide it with nutrients.

To-go Containers:

Those plastic clamshell containers of your berries and green salads are excellent seed pots. Fill these deep containers halfway with your seed-starting mix, punch some holes at the bottom, put your assorted seeds in and then close it. Once the seedlings have emerged, you can leave them out in a sunny location. Now you know that you can make good use of your common household items by turning them into simple and eco-friendly seed pots.

Happy Gardening!

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