Packing Plants for Moving

Often times, we develop an emotional connection to our plants after nurturing them and watching them grow for years. Naturally, if your plants deteriorate or die when being moved, it can be a really agonizing experience. Properly packing house and garden plants is crucial to their health. To avoid any deterioration or damage, plants need to be packed with care. To find out about packing materials that will be compatible with your plants, head over to Read on to gain a thorough knowledge of how to pack plants for moving.

Packing Plants


House and garden plants need to be transplanted around three weeks prior to the moving day.  The plants need to be removed from the clay pots and placed in plastic containers with disinfected soil. The clay pots need to be wrapped using bubble wrap and boxed separately. Plants should not be repotted on the day before moving as doing so could damage them.


Dead or undeveloped stems of house and garden plants need to be cut away before moving. Doing so particularly increases growth and fruitfulness, in addition to making the plants more compact. However, succulents and ferns don’t need to be trimmed.

Preventing Pests

Any pests present on house and garden plants need to be combatted before moving. The best materials to use when combatting pests are insecticides, bug bombs, flea powder or flea collars. Plants that are affected by pests and cannot be treated must be left behind.


A big move involves challenging conditions for plants, such as dryness, freezing or excessive heat. Two days before moving, the plants need to be watered properly. Overwatering the plants can lead to the development of a fungus when the weather is warm, or even lead to the freezing of the plants’ roots when the weather is chilly.


Plants need to be packed on the day of the move. In order to avoid water and soil damage, the moving boxes need to be encircled using plastic bags. Large plants need to be packed in individual boxes, while small plants can be boxed together. To keep the plants from moving around or crumbling, bubble wrap or packing peanuts need to be put in the boxes. To let light and air penetrate, holes need to be punched in the boxes.

Bottom Line

We don’t want to give up our plants when we are moving to a new house.  The process of packing plants before moving needs a great deal of care and thought.  Following these steps will ensure that the house and garden plants are safe and in good condition when they are being transported. Garden and houseplants must be transplanted properly and kept separate from the clay pots. Unwanted parts of the plants need to be trimmed to promote growth. Pests present on plants need to be combatted and they need to be watered properly. Lastly, the house and garden plants need to be packed in boxes that are compatible with them.

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