Men’s Hair loss

The media frequently focuses on women’s hair loss and they provide several different solutions to that. But what about men’s hair loss, what can be done about that?  When men start losing hair, many just end up staying bald without bothering to try and regain their hair back, as most don’t know how to. But it would be wrong to say that men don’t care about their hair as much as women, as, in all honesty, they do. And so, there are actually many hair loss treatments for men out there if they look for it, something that will be discussed in this article. To know more about men’s hair loss, read more:

Methods to regain hair

  • Food: Medicine and different types of hair growth pills or surgeries aren’t the only things that you need in order to grow back your hair. One of the most natural method is to watch what you eat. Surviving off of junk food may be one of the reasons as to why you’re having hair loss, as the hair needs proper nutrition in order to remain healthy. Eat protein rich foods, such as chicken, pork, eggs, fish, and green vegetables such as spinach. They are packed with vitamin Bs, something that you need for your hair.
  • Shampoo: Although there are no shampoos in the market that will magically make all your hair come back, you can fight hair loss before it is too late. Nioxin is one such shampoo that can help you do that by keeping your scalp clean and causing whatever hair you have left to appear healthier.
  • Hair transplant: Nowadays, men have several different options for hair transplants, all of which look natural. Hair transplants basically take hair from your head (or other areas of your body if you’re totally bald) and transplant it in other parts of the head through 2 different methods, which is the FUE, which is the follicular unit extraction or the strip method. The former is believed to be more effective and yield better results than the latter, but no matter what you choose, this is the best solution for hair loss for men. FUE tends to heal within around a week in comparison to the 10 days that it takes for the strip method to heal.
  • Medicine: Perhaps the only FDA-approved medicine that can sure hair loss, in men, is Finasteride, which is also called Propecia. Although this medicine wasn’t created specifically for hair loss treatments, it still works great, and works as a fertilizer for the hair. However, one cannot stop using it, as it will cause all the hair that they have acquired to fall off again within 3-8 months. And also, it has some severe side effects, such as a lack of sexual desire or impotency.

Bottom line

Both men and women go on quests for healthy hair these days, and it is tougher for men than it is for women, as the media focuses more on women’s hair products and they have more solutions for hair loss issues than men do. However, all is not lost for them, as they also have some solutions that they can look into.

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