Market & Run Your Gardening & Landscaping Company with Bulk SMS

Gardening services is one of the simplest businesses you can start.  All you need to get started is a garden gear, a truck and trailer and a few employees and you can instantly start your very own company.  You can even add to your gardening services by getting a landscaping degree which will enable you to design professional looking gardens. Gardening and landscaping is one of the most affordable businesses you can start and this type of business can easily be successful if you only have a good marketing strategy.  Bulk SMS is something you defiantly need to look into if you want to give your gardening and landscaping business that boost it needs.

Market & Run Your Gardening & Landscaping Company with Bulk SMS

What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS or SMS marketing basically involves sending mass messages to lots of numbers.  As a company you don’t have the time to sit around and type each message and contact number manually.  It will take you hours and you will soon give up trying to contact all your clients.  With bulk messaging software you can type out your message easily, add as many numbers as you like within minutes and send to everyone in just a few minutes.  TextPlode is a company that specializes in bulk SMS solutions and can help your company out instantly.  You can visit to find out more about their terrific solutions for small to large companies and organizations.

Market with bulk SMS

Bulk SMS marketing is much better than mass email marketing or even social media advertising because you are instantly reaching all of your clients since everyone always has their phones with them.  They can receive all you have to say to them with the glance of an eye.  This enables you to give all your clients information on all the latest specials, services, promotions and much more that your gardening and landscaping service has to offer.

Supply your contact details instantly

When you send out messages to the public and everyone on your database, they instantly have your contact details so they can start using your service the moment that big emergency happens.  With bulk SMS they don’t have to look for that lost business card.  They can simply check their messages to find your company.

Notify with bulk SMS

Lots of sudden changes can happen in a small garden and landscaping service.  You may suddenly not be available for services due to a shortcoming of staff or a breakdown.  You may expand and want to promote your new services or you may have a change in your company name.  With bulk SMS you can instantly notify all your clients of all of these big changes so you can run more smoothly and gain more income.

Bulk SMS saves you time and money

You will save a lot of time on promotion with bulk SMS because it is so easy to use.  You will also save a lot of money on marketing because the packages for businesses and small companies are incredibly affordable.

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