Love Beautiful Lawns? Here Is the Sport You Should Be Playing

There are few things more beautiful than a beautiful and well maintained lawn.  Any home looks better and more valuable with a great looking lawn and any town looks a lot fresher and more luxurious if there is a nice and big golf course, park or plenty of athletic fields that people can enjoy.  If you absolutely love spending time on beautiful lawns then golfing is the best sport that you can enjoy.

The most beautiful golf courses in the world

One of the best reasons to take up golfing is the fact that you can make a traveling expedition out of your sport and enjoy beautiful golf courses across the globe. Here are world’s most extreme golf courses that you can check out if you are in need of a thrill; 

Ushuaia Golf Club, Argentina – this short golf course has only nine holes but is one of the most extreme golf courses because wind makes every hit an extreme obstacle and temperatures average between 1 – 9 oC from coldest to warmest seasons. 

North Cape Golf Club, Norway – This 6 hole course is only is 280m north of the Arctic Circle but is open for games 24 hours of the day during open season. 

Ko’olau Golf Club, Hawaii – known as the toughest course in the world, this 18 hole course is created in a tropical forest on a 2,000-foot Ko’olau Ridge mountain range and is everything but easy. 

Old Course, St. Andrews, Scotland – This course is known as the home of golf because it has been around since 1400 AD.  This 22 hole course is booked in advanced since thousands of golfers stream to this beautiful and extreme course each year.

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