How to help people with kidney failure get the most out of life and do the things they want to do, including gardening

When people are told by their doctors that they have kidney problem, the first question that pops up in their mind is “How long will I live?” As sad as that may sound, most people really think that once they’re diagnosed with kidney failure, they will die right away. Well, that used to be true before, because years ago, our knowledge about the disease was only limited and we didn’t have the right machines for treating it. But things are different today. With advanced technology and research, it is now possible for renal disease patients to be treated and live, again, a normal life. This post is especially written for people who suffer from kidney failure and for those who know somebody with kidney problem.

Kidney failure, which makes it harder for your kidney to filter waste from blood, is a very serious disease. And having it can really be frightening. But if ever you found out that you have kidney problem or someone in your family has it, don’t worry. As mentioned, there are a lot of major advances today in healthcare that can help people with renal problems get treated. We now have better medications, better machines, and better treatment procedures. However, it is still important for the patients to be willing to receive help to better their condition. Without the patients’ participation, it is really impossible for them to survive. Research shows that the more they get involved, the more chance that they live longer. So how can you help renal disease patients be better able to deal with it?

people with kidney failure

The first thing that I learned is to make them know that they have it, and give them as much as information they need about the disease. They say that the more a patient knows about his or her kidney problem, the more he or she can adjust to it. So educate them. At the same time, encourage them to talk with their doctors in order to immediately start the process of treatment. It is important to note that kidney failure is a progressing disease. The more you ignore it, the more it gets worse. If you want to get more involved in their treatment, you can also consider taking dialysis technician classes. By registering to these classes, you will be able to gain more knowledge about the disease, and therefore, help your loved one to better cope with it.

It is also important to encourage the patients to go out, exercise, and continue doing the things that they love to do, such as gardening, playing golf, fixing things in the house, walking in the backyard, etc. These things are helpful because they will make them strong and give them the energy they need to combat their disease. And did you know that exercising, even in the form of gardening or walking, can benefit your health positively? Regular exercise can make your muscles stronger and your blood flow better. It can also reduce the fat content in your blood, which can help lower your risk of heart problems and other disease. It can help you feel better and stronger. And it can help renal disease patients better deal with their problem because it can give them strength, especially during dialysis treatment.

And finally, which is the most important of all, it’s crucial to support them, and if possible, be with them all the time, to help them manage their situation. Always show them a positive attitude in order for them to be encouraged to fight.  Of course, the process won’t be easy, especially that you also have your own life to worry about. But if you truly care and love them, you’ll do everything to keep them safe and alive.

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