How to Grow Juicy Tomatos 101

Who does not love tomatoes? They can be big, small, red or even orange! They might have a juicy appearance and some sweet notes to them. In fact there are hundreds of different kinds of tomatoes that can be enjoyed by your whole family. In fact if you are planning to have your own tomato plantation home it is important that you take a few tips and reminders into consideration in order to obtain the best results possible. Let’s take a look at some important tips that will help you understand how to plant juicy tomatoes.

First things first! The soil needs to drain well!

When choosing the perfect location to plant your tomatoes make sure you keep a few things in mind. It is important to choose a sunny location and to water them frequently. Although tomatoes love water they do not deal well with moist soils. Make sure you choose a place that water drains well, that way no fungi or bacteria will stick to your tomatoes to be. Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of light a day!visit the source at:

Plant into well drained soil.

Make sure you prepare your soil properly before actually planting anything. When you think of tomatoes it is important to keep in mind that they should be planted into deep and dry soil, that way they will have better chances of growing big and juicy. Some people tend to use moist soil, which is not a good option, even if you live somewhere hot. Make sure you pick a nice looking tomato and then bury it until only the top leaves show.

Keep fungi away!

Apart from the common composting that can be added to make tomatoes go stronger, growers should also add corn meal, garlic and molasses in order to keep fungi away from the tomatoes. As the main problem when growing tomatoes, fungi is responsible for delivering growers weak and small fruits. You can plant garlic near the tomatoes in order to keep fungi away. You can also add a handful of sand to the soil!

juicy tomatoes

Make sure you keep the soil always fertilized.

Your tomatoes need a lot of nutrients to grow strong and juicy. It is very important that you fertilize on a weekly basis. You can use milk, ammonia and also add some egg shells into the fertilizing mix. Tomatoes need all of the calcium that they can get that is why you should add such items to the soil at least once a week. Make sure you use powdered milk and not liquid milk, after all tomatoes do not like to stay humid for long. Also only add a drop of ammonia in water and then mix it all in a blender to have liquid fertilizer.

Water frequently, but not too much.

Tomatoes love water, but not too much. Before you water the tomatoes check if the soil is already dried. If the answer is yes then proceed and water them down, however if the answer is no only water again when the soil is completely dry.

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