How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance…well that’s the understatement of the year and one that many home and business owners will be familiar with, no one wants to find out that their beds are infested with bugs and need a thorough deep clean but once you do you’ll want to get rid of the hazard as soon as you can.

As per usual using do it yourself methods on the cheap rarely work effectively enough to keep bed bugs away for the long term, you may temporarily get rid of some in the direct area you target however bed bugs are notoriously for making a return unless you get an exterminator in. Someone who can do the job professionally, get to the root cause and eradicate the problem completely.

The first step is identification, there are a few signs you can check to make sure you actually have an infestation of bed bugs and not something else. You’ll notice small reddish stains on bed sheets that resemble blood. Everything from pale yellow eggs a millimeter, all the way up to actual live bed bugs a few centimeters big that are hard to miss.

How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs

While they were almost wiped out at one point bed bugs came back with a vengeance becoming resistant to certain pesticides, their biggest threat at the present is heat and carbon monoxide.

A popular method of riding bed bugs from clothing and bedhseets temporarily until you get an exterminator in involves ‘cooking’ them on a high outdoor surface in black sacks while the sun is at its hottest for a few hours. A killer combination due to both heat and carbon monoxide poisoning. Professional exterminators use similar methods to outwit and get rid of these infamous pests.

Once you’ve identified a threat check your areas thorough to get an idea of the scale of the problem so you can move forward with as much knowledge to tackle it as possible. They infest anywhere there are humans to feed blood off of so check all areas that humans regularly use. Not just bedsheets but wardrobes and furniture need to be inspected carefully.

The first thing a bed bug removal company will charge for is an initial inspection, checking all areas thoroughly and identifying if bed bugs are your problem and not something else. Some companies will carry out this service for free and others will charge up to the tune of $200 but generally around $50-100 depending on how many hours it takes to assess. For more in depth pricing information look here.

Bed bug extermination companies will cost you anywhere from $1000-5000. It’s best to get multiple quotes and check out all online reviews of the company you are dealing with. Companies charge per room so prices will vary drastically to account for size and number of rooms needing treatment. Full house treatments will most likely come up to the upper estimate of $5000.

Check that the company will do everything that needs to be done and you aren’t left short on services. Factor in costs due to size of your areas affected (the larger the area the more you’ll pay) and ongoing treatment costs extra.

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