Hosting a memorable garden party

If you are the type of person that work in your garden with passion and take care of your beautiful outdoor sanctuary year round you might want to host a garden party where guests will be able to appreciate your hard work. This is especially fun when it becomes warmer. There are ways to make sure that your guests will have a fantastic time and see your garden party as a truly memorable experience. With the right decorations, snacks, atmosphere and lighting you will make an awesome first impression that will guarantee you a successful party.  As the host you would want to be remembered as the gardening guru. It takes a lot of time to get your garden just right and it should be celebrated by everyone you know. Your gardening is your art and you should brag about it.

Hosting a memorable garden party

The first thing to look at and make sure is in order is comfortable seating for your guests. The worst thing is a bad garden chair and every time I attend a garden party I always take note of the chairs that have been set out for seating. I don’t particularly like those plastic cheap chairs as they can easily collapse. Click here for tips to find the perfect garden furniture. This might seem like a bit of an investment but will be worth it at the end of the day because your guests will admire your garden while enjoying the comfortable seating.

You can follow a cheery theme for example a fairy wonderland theme. Make sure that you take a look at Calii love for some delicious menu options that you can order to serve at your garden party. This can form part of the theme and with this restaurant you cannot go wrong. There are many delicious eats to choose from that will keep your guests happy and well-fed.  Even though you will be dressed up for the occasion it is important to dress up your garden too. The flowers and plants will speak for themselves but including a little lighting will create a romantic atmosphere and ambience.

The snack table needs to graciously be decorated to make things more attractive. Click here for table decoration ideas. Napkins are a good choice with candles and the right flower arrangements. It is important to make your guests feel at home while admiring your hard work and dedication in your garden. You can really turn your garden into a magic getaway by using the right decorations. You might also want to add a bit of mood music in the garden. Make sure that it is not too loud and that people can easily converse and discuss their jealousy because your lilies look better than theirs. Make a little arrangement of dry flowers out of your garden and attach a little card that thanks your guests for attending. This makes it a personal experience and your guests will appreciate a little keepsake to remind them of the fantastic time that they had at your memorable garden party.

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