Even take your cat down an eco-friendly path and let them go green with you!

You are into helping our planet and are jumping on the go green bandwagon. You recycle everything from glass at the recycle bin to giving old clothes that don’t fit anymore to a resale shop or a charity. Even your music is recycled, you’re really into 80’s pop at the moment. Okay, that might be a little corny but it fit.

You do all you can to help our planet, you even held a green themed pot luck party where everything was recyclable and guests were to bring organic foods that had something green in it. Someone made a whipped green tea mousse that was truly divine. Ever think of taking it a step up and making the life you share with your pet cat a green eco-friendly style life? You can. Now there are even ways that your pet can get in on the green action. Hey, it’s not fair to let you have all the fun now is it?

Well let’s start with your cat’s litter. Yes, even litter has gone eco-friendly. When your cat uses the litter box you can now buy litter that is derived from mineral and plant sources. They now have the kind of litter that clumps let off less dust in your home from chemicals such as fragrances can be harmful to your cat and can cause breathing problems with their owners. All this by getting the extra materials they add to aid in clumping in the air. Even the containers that the litter comes in are recyclable. Do a little research and you’ll see how far green has come to bring your cat safe, eco-friendly clumping litter. There are also litters that is made from recycled newspaper and is non-toxic and comes in recyclable packaging.


The options for litter training and starting with certain litters that are safe for kitty’s soft paws and training tips, well, you can learn more at kitty coaching. It’s good to see litter that doesn’t have fragrances to cover the smell and use products like baking soda and plain paper to absorb it. And there’s always the” if you can smell it, go clean it” routine to fall back on. It doesn’t get greener than that.

Let’s take a look at cat food. Even your cat can eat organic foods as well, and there are more and more coming out all of the time. Dry food and wet food has taken strides to be green and eco-friendly. Finding foods like these you’ll also see foods that are free of grains or other hyper allergenic food materials that can cause reactions that are unwanted in your cat. A lot of the new organic cat foods produce their food with vitamins on their mind as far as making sure the food they add can add to your cat’s health too and benefit them and be healthier. Ask yourself, would you rather have a plate of organic chicken or a plate of animal by-products. Right, neither should your cat. See here for more healthy cat food ideas.

It’s time to do some research and find out how your cat can join you on your crusade to help our planet and the life on it and be green and eco-friendly even with our pets.

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