Gardening and Shooting in One?

With the increasing desire of having a better world, more and more people today are trying to become eco-friendly as possible, from weddings celebrations, to cars, to energy sources. And now, even shooting – one of the most dangerous sports in the country – is turned into a beautiful and rewarding hobby, which is gardening. Isn’t it that great? But how’s that happened?

Per Cromwell, an inventor and cofounder of Studio Total in Sweden, created a product that’s called Flower Shells. It’s a shotgun shell filled with flower seeds that produces any flower species, from lavender to sweet peas to peonies, depending on what is inside the shell. The invented product was designed in the purpose of making something good out of something destructive. As what the Indiegogo said on its campaign page, “Imagine a shotgun shell that gives life instead of taking it.”

gardening and shooting

The amazing flower shells are made entirely by hand, with Cromwell going through the lengthy process of opening up each shell, removing its lead, and filling it with flower seeds, and then using some paper or fabric to create some kind of protection so that the seeds will not explode when the gun is fired. Of course, it also took a while for Cromwell to determine the right amount of seeds that must be put inside each shell. According to him, each shot contains seeds ranging from 10 to 100, depending on the type of flower specie.

Using this newly invented product for gardening is just simple. Like a typical way of shooting, just load up your shotgun, point it on the designated planting area, and then shoot. The firing technique depends upon from person to person, but Cromwell recommends aiming at the ground about 6 to 12 feet ahead of you while holding the gun firmly. After shooting, water, wait, water again – just like what you do with other seeds in your garden – then, watch the small flowers to grow into big, beautiful blossoms.

Indeed, what Cromwell has discovered is truly an amazing thing. But according to the Indiegogo campaign, the product should be treated like regular ammunition. While it may contain lesser gunpowder, it can still be dangerous if not handled well.

If you want to consider this amazing product in your gardening hobby, it is advisable to learn the proper techniques in shooting first, as well as master the safety practice when it comes to handling a gun. And just like a regular shooting activity, ensure that you also wear protection when doing it. Some of the most important tools you should purchase include eye and ear protection, safety clothing, and firearm and shell holders (e.g. Ruger SR9C Holster, Shoulder Shotgun Scabbard, TSD Shotgun Shell Holder Pouch).

When you’re ready, you can already use these ammunitions anytime to produce life – in the form of flowers – instead of taking it – and enjoy your garden that is filled with beautiful, sweet smelling, and harmless flowers.


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