Gardening: A Great Form of Exercise

These days, when you ask people about fitness, they’ll immediately think of the gym or treadmill. Well, in this fast-paced age, where everything is relied on modern technology, it is no doubt why treadmills and other exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes and elliptical trainers, are so popular. Wherever you go these days, you can see people looking for ideas on how or where to find treadmills to buy.

But while treadmill workouts can be effective in losing unwanted fats, they also sometimes become a boring task, especially if you’re just working out alone. But fret not. Researchers have found out that even if you’re just alone, you can still lose pounds and enjoy. And the good news is you no longer need to buy expensive gym equipment or get a gym subscription to do that, because it is already available at the comfort of your own home – in your very own garden, in fact.


More and more scientists are confirming that gardening provides the same positive health benefits as other forms of exercises, like running, jogging, doing crunches, doing pushups, and planking. Aside from losing weight, doing different garden activities, such as planting the seeds, raking the soil, watering the plants, and trimming hedges, can also improve your emotional and mental health, according to experts. As what Melissa Roti, an assistant professor at Westfield State College said, “Gardening is a great way to maintain flexibility and tone muscles.” And the more you exert yourself, the more benefits you get.

Recently, researchers at Kansas State University conducted a study to determine how gardening benefits the older adults. And they found out that gardening is truly an effective way to exercise. In fact, they discovered that gardening is a form of “moderate intensity workout” that can maintain and improve health if performed regularly, at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Modern intensity exercise is a kind of physical activity that only requires moderate amount of effort but significantly increases your heart rate. The increased heart rate is enough to eliminate excess fats, reduce blood pressure, and decrease cholesterol levels.

A 2012 study published in the American Journal of Public Health also showed that gardening can help lower body mass index (BMI) and reduce your risk of being overweight. The study suggests that an active lifestyle can help you in managing your overall health and weight, because when you exercise outdoors, you work much harder but perceive it easier because the activities are much enjoyable than when you exercise indoors.

So, if going to gym or running on treadmill leaves you yawning all the time, consider gardening. Gardening is a great and fun activity that you can do alone or with someone while losing some unwanted pounds and at the same time improving your mood and health.

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