1 simple way to bring out a fuller, greener lawn and let it grow stronger and healthier than ever!

You take good care of your lawn. You like it to look good. You’ve even picked up designer mowing tips so you can decorate your lawn like a checkerboard when you mow it. Thing is, it’s not looking as vibrant and you think it should with all the work you’ve put in it. You make sure it’s watered and spread extra seed and do what you can to keep it up. It’s not that it looks bad, it’s just a little lackluster and you’d like to see the green color of it really to pop and show off all the work that you have been putting into it.

green grass

There’s just one thing that you haven’t done since you started caring for it yourself and that’s aerate the lawn. What that does is put little holes into the soil so all the good water can get down there. Sometimes the weather dries out the soil, or even sometimes heavy traffic on your lawn can press the soil down and pack it together. What that means is that so when you do water it, the water isn’t getting down deep enough.

By aerating your yard at least once a year and preferably twice, you’re opening up and breaking the soil up in order for it to intake the water down to the roots. It also makes a lot of space for those grass seeds you’ve been spreading to find their homes in your soil. See bestgrassseed.net for ideas and information. Now not only is your lawn getting a good watering, seeds have room to develop new growth and the roots that have already been established can grow to their hearts content.

To aerate your lawn you can call a lawn care and landscaping company to come out and do it for you, or purchase an aerator. If your lawn is of quite some size, you can always find and hire a neighborhood kid to do it for you too. It’s simple but on large lawns can be a daunting task. What an aerator is, is just a large stone or other material with barbs stuck into it and attached to a handle. Think Flintstones here. All you need to do is walk it over your yard and let the barbs do the work. The barbs on the stone or wheel for lack of a better term at the moment, spin around poking holes in the soil as it goes over it. As you walk the stone turns and the barbs break up the soil with small holes that later will allow your seeds to gain space and water to get down in.

Your lawn is the outdoor pride and joy of your home so it’s good that you’re learning all the ways to keep it looking at its best and in its prime. As said earlier in the beginning its just one simple thing you can do to spruce up your lawn and keep it looking on point with all the work you do to take care of it.

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