Find Out If There Is a Down Side to Interior or Landscaping Design

Landscape or interior design is a terrific career path for most people because you get to travel a lot, work with and meet new people on a daily basis and you get to be creative each and every day.  When you enjoy landscaping you get to spend a lot of time out in the open while you transform the outside view of homes, buildings and offices and when you do interior design you get to shop a lot and create works of art while you transform spaces into the ultimate luxury zones.  But no job is perfect.  Every job has it’s dark side and you need to find out what the dark sides of interior design and landscape design is before you start on the studies so you don’t end up stuck in a job that you hate.

Find Out If There Is a Down Side to Interior or Landscaping Design

The dark side in interior design

Juan Pablo Molyneux is one of the most famous interior designers in the world.  Just mentioning that he helped design a home is sure to increase a home or buildings property value since everyone knows what high quality work he usually delivers.  He is known for his terrific transformations all over America, Europe and the Middle East and he even has his own interior design firm that is handling major projects on his behalf.  Molyneux has the ultimate life of luxury since he gets to travel a lot, shop a lot, earn well deserved accreditation for his work and earn a terrific income from his dreamy business.  But he also experienced a dark side in this terrific job when his name was linked to a job that was never completed by him and did not carry his usual charm and quality work.  You can check out some of the articles on Juan Pablo Molyneux to find out if this is truly your calling and if you are up for the challenges involved in this career choice.

The dark side in landscaping design

Landscaping design and interior design goes hand in hand and often has the same negative aspects.  Usually the biggest down side of landscaping design is working with difficult clients who are satisfied with nothing, does not allow you to complete a project or wants too much of their own ideas in the project.  Landscaping also requires a keen interest in plants since plants are much more delicate than furniture and you need to know all about gardening to ensure that you choose the best and the right plants for your landscaping designs.

All businesses and jobs have dull days and bad occurrences.  What makes a job or a career choice right for you is realizing that the worst parts of a job is completely acceptable to you so you can still enjoy your job no matter how hard some of the days gets.  If you can live with the dark side or the down side in these career choices then you will have absolutely no problem with your career and you will have a blast with each and every project.

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