Explore Your Local Environment in New Ways for Gardening Inspiration

One of the easiest ways to begin a garden is to find out what already grows naturally, or successfully, within your local area.  If you are looking for inspiration that doesn’t consist of a simple trip to the nearest gardening center, consider taking a few different trips outdoors to observe what is commonly grown in your area.  Not only can this help you identify local plants that are designed to handle your climate, it can also have you focusing on aspects of you environment you may have previously overlooked.

Take a Nature Hike

The simplest way to see what may be appropriate for your home garden is to simply walk through your local area.  This can include an exploration of your neighborhood, a trip to a city park, or a hike through a national forest.

The purpose is to take the time to observe what it flourishing in your immediate area.  If you see a large number of a certain kind of tree, flower, or hedge, you can be fairly assured that it will do well in your yard as well.  This logic can be applied to those plants you see in the wild, as well as those that repeatedly make appearances in your neighbors’ gardens, even if they are not indigenous to the area.

Explore Your Local Environment in New Ways for Gardening Inspiration

Consider a Boating Adventure

Just as a hike can make you more aware of your local area, so can a trip around a lake or down a river.  Not only that, put it can provide a fun, family-friendly outing with a hint of exercise.  You can look into renting equipment, such as canoes or paddleboats, or you can invest in your own watercraft, such as a fishing boat or an inflatable boat.  If you want to know more about inflatables, you can click here to see more info.

Take to the Skies

For a truly unique vantage point, consider taking to the skies.  If your area supports a hot air balloon touring business, consider signing up for a trip.  Not only will this allow you to see how various people have their gardens designed, it can also be a unique experience for you and your family.

Visit a Botanical Garden

Many cities have botanical gardens that are open to those who would like to stroll through the various plants, flowers, and trees.  Not only will you see a variety of indigenous plants, but you may also see those that were imported from other areas that are compatible with you climate.  Often, botanical gardens will have knowledgeable employees available how can answer various questions you may have about a particular plant and its care.  This can help you decide if adding one to you garden is both feasible and practical based on your location and the upkeep required.

Community Vegetable Gardens

If your community has a vegetable garden, you can also use this as inspiration for your garden at home.  Many community vegetable gardens are supported by local organizations and volunteers, so they often focus on those vegetables that are fairly easy to grow in your local area.  As with botanical gardens, you may also have the opportunity to speak with those that tend to the space.  This can allow you to gain information regarding what they had to do to make the garden a success, and can give you a starting point for your own gardening adventure.

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