Explore the 8 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

If you are a garden lover who is in need of an excuse to get away and see the world then it is time to start planning for bucket list trips to the top 8 gardens of the world.  Traveling is terrific for your personal and mental health because you get to explore new things, get some fresh inspiration for your own garden or for your gardening business and you get a break from all of the worries and stress that your current life has for you.  When you see different worlds and meet new people you get a fresh outlook on life which might just help you reach ultimate peace of mind.

Explore the 8 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

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Top 8 most beautiful gardens for your bucket list

Traveling from one country to another is quite expensive.  You might want to plan your trips wise and visit a few other attractions or go garden scouting and try to fit in another country for each passing year until you have seen the top eight gardens of the world.

Butchart Gardens in Canada

Local is probably the best way to start your garden scouting adventure and the Butchart Gardens that are spread over 50 acres is sure to inspire a lot of enthusiasm for your international journeys.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland – Scotland is one of the greenest locations in the world and the Garden of Cosmic Speculation is an absolute must for your bucket list since this unique garden is only open to public for one day a year.

Keukenhof Gardens in Netherlands – If you love tulips then the Nederland’s gardens is an absolute must, especially the Keukenhof Gardens with their 7 million tulips!

Suan Nong Nooch in Thailand – This Park welcomes tourists and will take your breath away with their beautiful landscape and fantastic fruit plantations.

Versailles in France – This is the world’s most famous garden and is probably one of the gardens that required the most work since tons of earth had to be moved in wheelbarrows to transform the landscape for the gardens.

Kirstenbosch in South Africa

Kirstenbosch is a national botanical garden that contains more than 22000 indigenous plants that are being preserved for future generations and should definitely be on your list of places to see if you love warm weather.

Kenroku-en Garden in Japan

Your bucket list would not be complete until you have visited Japan’s Three Great Gardens and the Kanazawa Castle next to it.

Bagh-e Fin in Iran

This Persian garden contains a lot of culture and is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran that you simply must view.

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