Everything You Need to Know About Tax Refunds

Tax refunds are the amount of tax money that you receive if you have been taxed too much. This system of refunding varies from one country to another, and the people living in Australia are taxed under the PAYE system, which is also known as the Pay As You Earn system. They also have to fill in a personal taxation summary in order to claim this refund. Keep reading to know more about a tax refund.

Who gets it

A tax refund can be claimed by those that are employed and were overtaxed, have stopped working, have purchased a life annuity, and those that paid too much on their pension payments. However, if you’re someone who is on a low income and has paid for their taxes on savings interest, then you can still be eligible for a tax refund despite everything else.

For those that are employed and have paid too much for their taxes, then you can file for a tax refund with the IRS. This you can either fill on your own or with their help. However, it is always better if you do it on your own, as you might be penalized later on otherwise.

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If you’re someone who has left their work, you won’t receive your refunds if you’re currently getting support and employment allowance, carer’s allowance, or jobseeker’s allowance. For those that have been out of their work for lesser than a month, then the tax refund will be given to them with the earnings of their new job, meaning that they aren’t allowed to claim a refund.

For those that have purchased a life annuity, they get a refund because an annuity for a lifetime is a lifetime’s guarantee of an income. A rate of tax is automatically paid on lifetime annuity payments, which is usually at the rate of 20%. However, those that don’t earn more than their personal allowance don’t pay income taxes. And so, if you’re one of those people, then you can either reclaim that overpaid tax, or you can ask for a tax-free income form the lifetime annuity that you have purchased.

Methods of filing the tax refund

If you file for it online, then you will receive it in less than half that amount of time that it would take for the IRS to respond to a paper application. Those that would rather file their applications on their own, they prefer using the easy-to-use system online that the Australian government has approved to file the taxes.

Others, the ones that would rather file their tax refunds the traditional way, they use the paper method, where they mail the paper document to the IRS. That said, overtime, the popularity of the online system has increased and people find it more convenient.

Bottom Line

Tax refunds return to you the money that you were taxed in excess. It is a matter of joy for many people, as they receive the money that they shouldn’t have been taxed with in the first place.

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