Enjoy Your Garden Work More By investing in a Garden Bathroom

Garden work is dirty work.  And if it is not dirty work then you are probably doing it all wrong. There is nothing more satisfying than getting your knees and hands all muddy while you transform your garden.  A garden bathroom can make your garden life much more fun and is a must for those who have big gardens or gardens with swimming pools.

Why it is important to enjoy garden work

There are great benefits in getting your hands and knees dirty.  Garden work is actually one of the work types that can heal you mentally and physically.  Here are the top health and mental benefits to garden work;

Health benefits – When you enjoy garden work you get a lot of exercise. Garden work is fantastic for building strong muscles and for losing some extra pounds.  You also get a lot of fresh air which is great for your mind and your skin absorbs some much needed Vitamin D.

Mental benefits – Garden work is fantastic for your mind.  It reduces a lot of stress and gets you away from technology and social media so you can once again discover yourself and work through some of the things that have been bothering you. The fresh air and wide open is also fantastic for boosting your mental health and for fighting depression.

Enjoy Your Garden Work More By investing in a Garden Bathroom

Transform your bathroom so you can enjoy garden work more

You have to be really dirty and messy to really appreciate a good and clean bathroom.  A garden bathroom is just what you need to enjoy your gardening sessions more.  Here are some of the top things to add to your garden bathroom;

Get a better bathroom vanity – There is nothing more annoying than bathroom essentials falling out and onto you every time you open the bathroom cupboard.  There are some fantastic bathroom vanities with tops that you can get to transform the general look of your bathroom and to make your grooming activities much easier and more fun.  You will love watching the dirt slide down the drain of one of these gorgeous sinks.

Get a big shower – Taking a shower in a big shower is fun! Your garden shower probably doesn’t need much more than a showerhead since a wide and open feel is exactly what you should be going for when you create a garden bathroom.

Bring the outdoors indoor – The whole idea of an outdoors bathroom is to make it feel natural and outdoorsy so load it with some big garden plants and ad as many natural objects as you can.

The key is in lighting – A see through roof is a must for your outdoors bathroom.  You will love the natural and open look and feel and you will get a true outdoors experience.

With an outdoors garden you can enjoy your home and your environment so much more.  Those who hit the pool don’t have to step mud into your house and you don’t have to change clothes every time you head indoors during gardening.  You also get to enjoy wonderful outdoors showers which are absolutely fantastic.

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