Does a Garden Increase Property Values? A Lesson in Curb Appeal

Whether you are looking sell a home, it is important to understand what aspects of a property do or do not add value, especially if you are looking to make some improvements before listing your home.  While most people know that curb appeal is important, not everyone knows exactly what elements contribute to make a positive initial impression.

If you are interested in increasing the overall curb appeal of your property, here are some areas to begin.

Does a Garden Increase Property Values? A Lesson in Curb Appeal

Landscaping and Gardening

Many people looking to improve their homes curb appeal think of paint first.  While paint and siding is important, and will be covered later, your landscaping choices may actually be more important.  Overgrown plants, untended spaces, and poor overall design can draw attention away from anything positive hiding behind the foliage, including a fresh coat of paint.

If you garden is overgrown, you may be able to make significant improvements without have to invest a lot of money, if you are willing to put in the time and work yourself.  For more challenging jobs, such as significant tree trimming or a complete landscaping overhaul, consider hiring professionals.  Not only do they have the necessary landscaping tools and safety equipment, they often work in teams allowing many jobs to be completed in as little as one day.

Paint, Siding, and Trim

Just as a coat of paint can transform an interior space, it can also create dramatic results on the exterior.  If your current paint is faded and chipping, or previously white trim has taken on a dingy tone, it may be worth considering a fresh paint job.  When selecting a color, be sure to take into account current trends, as well as neighborhood standards.  While you may love a bright shade of teal, some buyers may not appreciate it as much.

Front Doors and Porches

The feel of the front door can make an immediate impression on buyers.  For example, having a red front door is considered lucky in certain cultures, though other people may see the choice as too bold.  The goal is to create a welcoming feel that coordinates well with the rest of the home.  Porches should also seem inviting.  As with landscaping, improvements in this area can significantly improve the first impression your home makes on potential buyers.

Roofs and Gutters

Just as the appearance of your siding can impact the overall curb appeal of the home, so can the condition of the home’s roof.  Many buyers will turn away from a property that needs improvements in this area, as they are often seen as complicated and expensive.  If your roof needs an update, it may be wise to invest before you try to sell.  Otherwise, buyers may cite it as a justification for a lower price offer.  Additionally, roofs that are at a certain level of disrepair may disqualify certain buyers from considering the property if their loan has specific restrictions regarding the target home’s condition.

When in Doubt, Get a Professional Opinion

If you want to get a professional opinion regarding your properties current value, and what changes may increase the value, consider hiring a real estate appraiser, such as Real Estate Appraisals Austin.  While most people think of calling an appraiser when they are looking to buy a property, they can provide services to sellers as well.  Their assessments can help you figure out how to get top dollar for your home, as well as a better understanding of its current value.

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