• How to Care for Gardenias

    How to Care for Gardenias

    If you have been gardening for a while it might be time to challenge yourself. There is no better challenge than caring for a Gardenia plant. Whether you plant the Gardenia outside or keep it indoors, they can be quite a handful. This heat loving plant are not the easiest plant to grow, in fact, they are quite difficult. But if you can master it, you will be rewarded with an intoxicating fragrance like no other. According to an article, Gardenia’s are native to southern Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Australasia. Because they are subtropical they require specific needs in order to thrive. Some of the requirements for growing Gardenia’s are: light on the shade with full sun, well-drained and moist soil, plenty of organic matter and nutrients, soil that is acidic, daytime temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees with the nights around 60 degrees, high humidity, and fertilize. Gardenia’s can do just as good in a pot indoors as they could be planted outside. As long as you provide them with drainage, plenty of water, acid soil, and lots of sunlight you can enjoy the fragrance of Gardenia’s on the inside of your house as well as the outside. You just have to be sure that you are watering your Gardenia once a day or every other day to prevent your plant from drying out.

    How to Care for Gardenias

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  • Turning Your Garden Into A Parking Lot

    If you have a well-manicured garden that you have invested a lot of time on but you don’t have spacing for parking your car, you may have to consider converting part of the garden to be a parking lot. That is a very hard decision for any gardener to make especially if you have attachments with some plants in that garden.  Well with the growing demand for cars, we all need cars, it is no longer a secondary need anymore, no wonder that car dealers such as Car Vision are making a kill out of selling cars. Unfortunately not all houses have enough space for parking and hence some creativity has to be applied to get a parking lot. Sometimes the parking lot allocated may be too small since maybe you have more cars. Well if you have a garden it will have to be the victim. Unless you opt for street parking which may not be very safe sometimes and may be expensive. Since converting a garden into a parking lot is some sort of an emotional affair, you need to carefully do it. Some of the things you can do to have a smooth transition may include:

    Turning Your Garden Into A Parking Lot

    Think over it

    It is important to think over a decision before making a decision. It will create clarity of mind and help us to be at peace with the decision that is going to be made. Think of how the transition is important to you and how you can still do gardening. Think of all the benefits you will get from the situation. Thinking helps our minds to be psychologically prepared and make informed decisions.

    Decide on the kind of space you will need

    If you have a big garden, the parking lot will only take up to a small portion of the garden. Well, regardless of the size of the garden, it is important to decide on the amount of space that you will need for your car. Some cars will need more space than others. Deciding the amount of space you will need will help you in planning the garden.

    Decide on which plants to compromise

    If you are an avid gardener, ofcourse you have plants that you are more attached to, your favorite plants. There are others that you will not care much to lose. You need to think carefully and decide accordingly. This will minimize on the emotional torture you may get.

    Make a plan of the transition

    With a proper plan, converting the garden to a parking lot will be much easier. This involves making a plan on the kind of parking lot you intend to have, the materials that will be used on the parking lot and what you plan to do with the plants from the parking lot place. With creativity, those plants can be used in other interesting ways hence you will not feel wasted and you can still go on with your gardening elsewhere. Luckily there is Pinterest, and many blogs that can help you on this.

  • TJM Properties Acquires Harrah’s Tunica from Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation

    Now that TJM are becoming increasingly bigger property owners in the united states, we know that there has to be something attractive about the way that they handle their business. There is also the aspect of selling the properties once they’ve developed them. They probably do a lot of landscaping on their gardens of the properties to make them even more attractive to potential buyers. Below is an example of the way that TJM is acquiring property:

    TJM seems hell bent on growing into one of the most successful real estate companies in the world, and that is why they are constantly purchasing new properties, developing them and turning them into profitable businesses. One such example is Harrah Tunica, that TJM acquired back in early 2016. Harrah’s Tunica’s 2000-acre resort complex in Tunica, Mississippi, was finally purchased by TJM Properties of Clearwater, Florida. Tunica is a prominent tourist, gambling and entertainment destination, located on the Mississippi River, and it is also referred to as the South’s Casino Capital. The area is home to world class casinos, 6000 hotel rooms, fine dining restaurants, luxury spas and championship golf and tennis facilities. The property was purchased from Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation.

    TJM Properties Acquires Harrah's Tunica from Caesar's Entertainment Corporation

    “Plans to sell all or part of the property are underway,” said Terence J. McCarthy TJM Properties owner, had said.

    The property lies on an expansive parcel that has two hotels that come with 600 guestrooms and suites, a 45,000-square foot convention complex, an 800-acre Hunting Lodge, 200-unit RV park and club house, a 10,000 square foot kids’ center, an 18-hole golf course and clubhouse, a large commercial laundry facility, office and warehouse buildings, and hundreds of acres of farm land.

    According to McCarthy, they had a number of offers for all of the parcels of the property, and many of the parties expressed interest in purchasing the entire resort. TJM were finalizing their plans on what they might and what they would be disposing.

    TJM Properties is a Real Estate company that is owned and operated by Terence J. McCarthy of St. Petersburg, Florida. They have a growing number of hotels in Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania under the Quality Inn, Baymont Inn, Howard Johnson, and Radisson flags. TJM also owns The Claridge Hotel and Atlantic Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A leading developer of Senior Living Communities, TJM Properties sold 15 of its 19 Senior Living properties in 2013, comprising of 2500 units, for $220 million.


    From what we can see, TJM is a privately owned real estate company that is not to be reckoned with. They own properties spread out across the United States, and it looks like they have purchased quite a number of properties from Caesar Entertainment Corporation. They also own several hotels around the country, as well as properties that are geared towards the senior citizens. To reach such levels of success, it means that they must have a leadership that is focused and driven by development.

    One good thing to prove that is that you will find that they are constantly purchasing properties that have been declared bankrupt and bringing them back into profitable businesses. I would say that good work ethics are what drive TJM’s Terence J. McCarthy and the entire team at the company.

  • Beautiful lawns has changed the way people take care of their environment

    Beautiful lawns are not only good for golf courses, they can actually enhance the value of the home. If you enjoy lush lawns, you will also enjoy taking care of the environment and enjoy other things such as fish trips.

    If you have ever been on a fishing trip with a good fishing charter, you will definitely want to go for more, however as a beginner, who is trying to take the first fishing trip, there are some ideas that can help you optimize your experience.

    Beautiful lawns has changed the way people take care of their environment

    Idea #1: ask the charter if they encourage catch and keep

    Some fishing charters do encourage catch and keep for people on fishing trips, while others only encourage catching and release. If you like to keep your own catch then you should go for the ones that encourage catch and keep, otherwise you may have to settle for catch and release. Those charters that only encourage catch and release often do so when considering fishing regulations that stipulates that immature fish species must be released back into the sea.

    Some boats will only allow catching then selling all or some of the catches, therefore, it is important that you ask and know what to expect ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment. For more information on fishing charters, click here.

    Idea #2: Don’t make bookings on dock-walk

    Some captains of charters are fond of sitting back in the dock and engage prospective clients in discussions before selling them trips- this could be dangerous for your fishing trips. Though, captains who sit in the dock and sell fishing trips to people are not always bad, but as a beginner, making fishing trip books on the spot will not give you sufficient time to research and make the best choice. You need to conduct some research on the reputation of the fishing charters you are interested in, hence, a walk-in conversation is not enough.

    Idea #3: Be careful about fishing boats or charters that are available on prime days or on short notices

    You need to take note of some fishing boats are that ignored especially during the busy summer days, because there is a reason why such boats are ignored. You may want to ask the fishing charter the reason why the boat is not engaged on such a busy season. Even if it is not a busy season, you may want to know why a fishing boat is suddenly made available on short notice, if you are unsure of what you are getting into, simply request for a change of fishing boat. Some charters may provide faulty boats or recently renovated boat that may not be ideal for beginners on fishing trips.

    Idea #4: Don’t be a “sexist”

    It may sound politically incorrect to talk about being sexist as regards  hiring fishing charters for your next fishing trips, but the fact remains; female fishing guides work extra hard in order to prove what they are capable of doing. For this reason, female fishing trip guides who remain in the fishing charter business will usually deliver the best result, hence you must not look down on them.

    Idea #5: Make use of a half-day charter of you are a beginner

    It is your first time of embarking on a fishing trip and you are quite nervous, for this reason, you may want to try a half-day charter instead of a full day fishing trip charter. If you enjoy a half day charter, you can definitely come back for more and if you don’t enjoy it, you may want to change your fishing charter.

    If you want a reputable fishing charter that ever disappoints, you may want to consider Cozumel fishing charters, the company has a strong reputation of providing the best fishing trips for beginners and expert fishers alike, hence you wouldn’t feel bored , and they provide both full and half day fishing trips services that will create memorable fishing trips for you.

  • How to Live A Carefree Life During Old Age

    Money and power attract in a young life, however, not everything in this world is about money and resources! Nevertheless, after some time you realize that a healthy living is what everyone should run after rather than trying to make yourself filthy rich. This realization usually strike when you reach your old age!

    In retrospect, it makes you feel like you should not have spent so much of your time and energy in pulling up the money. Rather, it would have been better if you had spent that time which would have now led to a healthy and a satisfied life. For that reason, numerous celebrities and athletes do campaigns all over the World to create awareness about making yourself healthy and donating your money helping others to get peace of mind and contentment.

    How to Live A Carefree Life During Old Age

    Celebrities like Stephen Collins, Jackie Chan, Bill Gates and athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are donating plenty of money for the destitute. As mentioned earlier, one of these celebrities is Stephen Collins who is a famous American actor, writer, and director. He played a role in a popular movie “Blood Diamond” released in the year 2006. Besides accelerating in his film industry career he loves to help the people who are in need and for that reason, he attends and supports heartedly all the events related to fundraising for helping the underprivileged.

    If you have reached your old life and still you would like to live a healthy life and stop worrying about your monetary issues. Read some of the ways to investment your time, money and efforts that you require to live a carefree life during old age:

    • Home Gardening:

    Spending your time doing home gardening is the best for your health in old age. Home gardening means growing up and nurturing your own vegetables in your lawn or garden, taking care of them and preparing your meals with these organic veggies. After the retirement, you definitely would have a lot of time to spend and chances are you would be lacking ideas on how to spend it.

    At this point of life, choosing a home gardening hobby is handy. Spending your time in this activity will give you an opportunity to eat organic and healthy food. You no longer need to eat the vegetables infused with chemical sprays! These vegetables are over indulging when cooked and you would love to eat these over and again.

    • Grow Your Own Herbs:

    Nowadays, even the herbs and spices you use in your daily life are not pure and healthy enough. If you are really looking forward to living a healthy life, stop buying yourself these herbs and spices from the market and start growing them yourself.

    Just like the vegetables, you can grow your herbs comfortably. You just require a few good seeds and put them in your garden where you have already planted your vegetables. Nurture these and you will observe that using them in your cooking makes food delicious! In addition to that, you will feel yourself tranquil and stress-free doing this activity.

    • Invest In Gold And Silver:

    When it comes to investing for helping yourself to live a satisfactory life after retirement, you need to make sure that you capitalize wisely! Buy some precious metals including gold or silver rather than spending your money in useless objects.

    Spending enough money buying gold or other precious objects will provide you a security in old age. Moreover, you would be able to help others who cannot help themselves by saving and investing that money in precious metals. Helping needy people will give a satisfaction that you won’t find in anything else. The best thing about this investment is that these precious items always offer an elevated value when you go to sell these in the market.

    Moreover, as you know, “life is a box of chocolates” and you never know what you have to go through in your life in coming years no matter who you are. For instance, Stephen Collins gained popularity from the long-running TV series “7th Heaven”. However, he got wrong allegations leading to bad repute and you never know when things will turn in favor again. Investments can assist you to maintain your lifestyle in these kinds of situations as well.

  • How Joining Your Local Political Organization Will Help Your Landscaping Business Grow

    Gardening and landscaping is a wonderful business to start because you get to be creative all the time, you can be incredibly flexible, you get to spend lots of time outdoors and your life is far from boring since you meet so many new people each and every day.  But if you own a landscaping business then you probably know how tough it can be to maintain a positive image for your business, to get clients and especially to stay ahead of competitors.  For your landscaping business to thrive you need to constantly market and promote and you have to constantly provide the best and highest quality service.  But there is one other way to promote your business that you have probably overlooked and that is the political approach.

    Better leadership means a better looking city

    By joining a political organization you can actually improve your business because when you support a good political firm and organization, then you are also supporting better leadership for your location.  Improved leadership will improve a city or town because more focus is put on maintenance, improvements and upgrades and less money is wasted.

    How Joining Your Local Political Organization Will Help Your Landscaping Business Grow

    A better looking city means more focus on gardening and landscaping

    When a city’s standards are raised, the people automatically also raise their standards.  They look for ways to upgrade their homes and their gardens. And of course, if more people tried to upgrade their gardens then that means more business opportunities for you.

    Improved opportunities for your business

    You will get more business opportunities from different sources such as;

    Government opportunities – Joining a political organization will increase your chances of landing contracts with the ruling government.  Who knows, perhaps you could soon be responsible for the upkeep of all of the roadsides, public gardens and parks.

    Business opportunities – More businesses will start to use your services to improve their general image.

    Residential opportunities – More home owners will use your services if you can help them improve their gardens with better designs, improved upkeep and frequent upgrades.

    How to join?

    Joining a political organization is the easiest thing ever.  If you live in Philadelphia then simply click on Philadelphia 3.0 and you will be redirected to their linked site where you will have access to contact details. Simply send a message to the organization and you will be contacted to join the group.  Once your application have been processed, you will be a member of the political organization which will give you access to all the latest news on Philadelphia’s economic health.   This information is good for planning your own business’s future and you will be in a good position to apply for any landscaping opportunities that become available.  Once joined, you can also send word about your services to the organization and you can start building a good relationship with political figures which will also improve your company’s general popularity and result in better sales and more contracts.

  • The Ultimate Green Drink for Green Fingers

    If you love gardening then you probably also love making healthy lifestyle decisions. With better and healthier habits you can enjoy a much longer and pain free life and you will be able to accomplish so much more and feel a lot better in general.  The right sustenance can do wonders for your immune system, health and energy levels. But sustenance’s often has a lot of side effects that can be harmful to your body instead of healthy.  Maca powder is a completely natural product that has a lot of health benefits, much like sustenance’s and can be added to any drink. By adding maca powder to some of your health drinks you create the ultimate green drink that will benefit you in so many ways.

    The Ultimate Green Drink for Green Fingers

    What is maca powder?

    Maca powder originates from the Andes.  Maca powder is made from the root of Lepidium Meyenii or Maca plant that is closely related to the radish family.  This fantastic powder is commonly used in lots of health products and can replace your daily supplement intake completely.

    Health benefits of maca powder

    Maca powder has lots of benefits to your body and is thus known as a superfood. Maca is rich in lots of minerals like calcium, iron, zink, phosphorous, amino acids and also contains a lot of vitamins like vitamin B, C and E.  Basically when you drink maca powder you are getting a full fix of all the minerals and vitamins you need which boosts your immune system.  Other benefits of maca powder include;

    • The promotion of sexual function in men and women;
    • Improve women’s health and moods by relieving menstrual issues, mood swings, menopause side effects and depression.
    • The powder increases your energy levels
    • Maca is great for improving your skin and helps prevent acne and blemishes

    Ways to drink maca powder

    Maca powder is mostly used in drinks.  You can add maca powder to just about any drink like smoothies and coffee.  But for the ultimate green drink, maca powder should be added to green drinks like green tea, detox smoothies or green smoothies.  It is advised to start off with a small amount of maca powder at first after which you can gradually increase your dosage.  One teaspoon of maca powder per day is enough to supply you with enough minerals and vitamins to replace all of your supplements and will boost your overall health and you don’t have to take maca powder each and every day since regular breaks for maca usage is recommended.

    Shop maca powder online

    You can shop maca powder online from Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/Maca-Powder-Gelatinized-Enhanced-Absorption/dp/B017ES3OD0/.  Maca sells for about $22.77 but when you subscribe you can get up to 15% discount on your maca.  The maca can be delivered to your doorstep and you can buy as much of the powder as you need.

    If you want to enjoy your garden a lot more, have a lot more energy for garden chores and want to improve your general health then it is time to start building your ultimate green drink by simply adding maca powder to your health drinks.

  • Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

    Although artificial grass does not require a lot of effort and maintenance, it still needs to be taken care of properly. Just like maintaining the heating and plumbing system is important for your house, similarly, maintaining grass is important for your garden. When it comes to taking care of the plumbing and heating system in the house, no one can beat Couer d’Alene Plumber, the best plumbing & heating contractor in Idaho. Whether it comes down to experience, quality of services or prices; they win hands down! 30 years in the business, a large customer base and a wide range of services is what they are all about. Whether you need to get a leak fixed or the air conditioning installed in your home, they are just a call away.

    Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

    Now, let’s talk about maintaining an artificial grass lawn.

    Forget about It

    At the point when artificial lawns are recently laid they have a sand infill that gradually structures the turf. Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the turf is in ideal condition when it settles, it is essential to tend to the grass routinely over the initial 6-8 weeks. You should simply delicately brush the grass all the time, however not very powerfully as it could distort the turf.

    After this underlying period (6-8 weeks) and for whatever is left of the lawn’s life, you will just ever need to brush the grass to surrender it a spruce. Brushing it just once per month is perfect yet ensure you brush it in every single distinctive bearing so you keep the turf heap bouncy and upright – think cushioned not bald spot.

    Obviously, you will require the most ideally equipped brush for the purpose and we propose a medium delicate and gentle bristle brush which will be tender yet effective on the artificial grass. In spite of the fact that brushing with a soft bristled brush may appear like light work, it will have a recognizable effect to the appearance and state of your garden.

    De-Debris Your Lawn

    Artificial grass lawns have a proper membrane backing that are perfect for giving water a chance to run through, and also minimize the danger of undesirable plants and weeds that grow through ordinary grass patches. That being said, it is quite possible that an odd weed may grow here or there so it is best to be prepared and know how to handle weeds and greenery in case they show up. Dissimilar to when you weed normal grass, you can’t go burrowing through your artificial grass with a trowel or fork. Rather you have two options; the first is to concentrate simply on the restorative, removing the highest points of weeds when they appear through the grass, without truly tending to the foundation of the issue. On the other hand, you could use a greenery or weed executioner BUT ensure it is a water based solution, so as not to harm the grass. Once the greenery and weeds are dead you can just evacuate them by hand or forget about them.

    Any organic debris like leaves and dead plants ought to be removed from your artificial lawn as fast as possible. This is on the grounds that a development of natural matter can harm the garden’s drainage and support weed development. You can gather the debris by hand, with a brush or even using a leaf blower. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to stay on top of it.

  • Best Outdoor Decor for the Garden

    Gardens are the perfect spots for entertaining. They offer serenity that your friends and family will admire and desire. Feel free to consider the best outdoor décor selections we have made here when it comes to designing your garden.

    There are all kinds of great ideas for making your garden a delight. Perhaps you will want to take the ultra-creative route and build a plant stand out of a Demarini CF7 baseball bat. Of course you will need to ensure that it is not the bat your son is currently using in his youth baseball league. However, if you would like to go the more traditional way, keep reading.

    Best Outdoor Decor for the Garden

    10 Décor Options for Your Garden

    It is the time of year when people start enjoying the outdoors. They will crave the waning sunshine and readily embrace the crisp evening air. Especially, if you take some of these suggestions to heart when it comes to decorating your own garden:

    1. Daybed- As long as your porch is covered, or you utilize an outdoor specific piece, this is an excellent comfort option. You will be able to sit with friends, or nap by yourself, in the repose of your garden. To learn more about outdoor furniture options, read this.
    2. Table- Add a large weather resistant table as a focal point for your outdoor dining pleasure.
    3. Lanterns- If you want to add a little festivity to the garden, hang glass lanterns. There are a number of unique designs and colors available to add flare and flash.
    4. Bistro Tables- If your garden is large enough, you might want to sprinkle some bistro tables throughout it. This will offer guests a variety of seating options and views.
    5. Chairs- Randomly designed and colored chairs throughout the garden can add a touch of excitement and ambiance. You can coordinate them to accentuate the plants that are in bloom, or use them as eye catching contrasts.
    6. Swing- If there are trees in your garden you absolutely must have a swing. People love the luxury of floating through the air. The rhythm is intoxicating.
    7. Hammock- Again, this is a necessity if you have trees. However, there are free standing versions available as well. Napping in the cool of the evening in a swinging hammock might become your new favorite thing. Check out some cool hammock designs here.
    8. Cover- No matter the size of your garden, it is imperative that you offer a covered area. This can be in the form of an awning, a pergola, or canopy. Of course a shaded porch is equally advisable. You will want the ability to enjoy your garden in the sunshine and rain and that covered area will provide you the opportunity to do so.
    9. Candles- These will light up your night life. Once the weather has cooled enough to rid your area of the dreaded mosquitoes, you will find yourself desiring to be out in the evenings. While the light of the moon will certainly add to the romanticism of nights in the garden, candles will benefit you greatly.
    10. Patterns- Have fun with patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them. Allow the clash to add to the adventure in your garden. Your friends will enjoy the look.

    There are other great garden décor ideas available. Feel free to read more.

  • Build Confidence While Spending Time in Nature

    Spending time in nature can be a refreshing and revitalizing experience, but it can also be more than that.  If you are looking to build your confidence while you enjoy the great outdoors, consider these tips to help get you moving in the right direction.

    Take Up a Physical Hobby

    One of the easiest ways to feel more confident is through regular physical activity.  Exercise promote self-confidence in a variety of ways.  First, it makes you feel and look better, which are both major confidence boosters.  It can also provide a sense of accomplishment in completing something that you may view as difficult, as well as if you learn a new skill along the way.

    Instead of doing your same old exercise routine, consider taking up an outdoor hobby that has a physical component.  You may find yourself drawn to rock climbing, hiking, or mountain biking.  If you prefer the water, try kayaking or canoeing in local lakes, or take up whitewater rafting for a more heart thumping experience.  Those who would rather soar above the clouds could even try hang gliding or skydiving.

    The point is to make it a hobby you can enjoy on a regular basis.  Not only will the exercise help you feel more confident, you may feel better equipped to manage challenging situations since it will seem easier by comparison.

    Build Confidence While Spending Time in Nature

    Read in the Park

    There is a lot of material on how to feel more confident, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some time outside while you review it.  Instead of sitting at a desk, huddled behind a computer, or in your living room, make the effort to go someplace where you can feel at peace in the outdoors.

    For example, it is easy to take a book along with you for a trip through the park.  You can also carry a tablet to access material online, like the http://dateandsimple.com/hypnotica-collection-of-confidence-review-confidence-all-the-way/ to see if the program is right for you, or the Change Blog for tips to get you started.

    Instead of sitting inside, you can find a nice bench, a patch of grass, or bring a blanket and setup like a picnic.  Before you begin, take a moment to let your sense wander.  Be aware of the sights, smells, and sounds around you, and enjoy the moment for what it is, even if just for a minute.

    Just because you are learning from a book doesn’t mean you can’t let the beauty of the outdoors motivate you along the way.

    Once you are done reading, you can enjoy a quick walk.  Make sure to smile at anyone you pass for an instant confidence boost.


    Volunteering can increase self-confidence, and there are many opportunities that allow you to be outdoors at the same time.  You can always begin simply and pitch in to maintain local public areas and parks.  If you are especially handy with tools, you could consider working on a Habitat for Humanity project in your area, or doing repairs for local charitable organizations.

    By putting in work for others, you will have a reason to feel better about yourself on a regular basis.  Giving back is a great way to build self-esteem while helping those who are less fortunate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be outside at the same time.