• Keep Animals Away from Your Garden

    People who have gardens know how much hard work goes into building one. It is not something that is created overnight. You have to spend months choosing the right plants, grass, and flowers to plant in your garden. Once you buy these items, you need to plant them, water them, and take care of them in every way. A garden is like a small child that needs nourishment and attention for it to grow into something beautiful. Various things can damage your garden. From pesticides to large animals to floods and what not, you must be prepared for all these dangers.

    Keep Animals Away from Your Garden

    This article will allow you to keep your garden safe from animal attacks:

    • Use A Small Crossbow

    A crossbow is a combination of a bow and a rifle. It is the more modern version of a traditional bow which releases an arrow and kills anything that comes in its path. There are various sizes of crossbows available in the market. You can buy the small sized ones, and you can use them to hunt the animals that attack your garden. Each type of crossbows embraces different strengths and weaknesses.

    You do not have to concentrate on them as the purpose for which you are buying it, requires a simple one. Another thing to note here is you do not need to buy a more expensive crossbow. A cheap one will be good enough for you. Before you start using the crossbow, make sure you have had a lot of practice. As you are using it in your garden, if it misses the animal, it will damage your plants. Your aim has to be perfect. You can practice on the board or any other target until you are sure you can handle it in the garden.

    • Use A Loud Noise To Scare The Animals Away

    Modern technology has allowed you to keep your garden safe while also not harming the animals. A good plan to do this is by using lasers. Lasers can be bought from the market, and you should know how to use them. There are proximity sensors that come with the lasers, and as soon as they detect anything coming near them, the laser light turns on, and there is a loud noise that can be heard. That scares the animals away as they usually approach gardens at night. This laser and sound method is beneficial especially if you have to leave your house and yard for several days. You do not have to spend money on hiring a security person. All you require to do is invest in the products and learn how to use them. The installation might require professional help which you can get from any person who deals with lasers.

    • Sprays And Smells

    Animals are sensitive to certain smells and scents. There are different sprays available on the market that have these scents. You can use them in your garden as they do not have any chemicals in them. They will not harm your plants. The key to buying the correct spray is identifying which animals surround the area where you live in. In some places, you can find cats and dogs, while in others wolves and big lizards roam around freely. These species are sensitive to different smells.

    For example, cats hate the smell of coffee so you can get a coffee scented spray and use it if you garden is the next target. Orange and lemon scents also do not sit too well with various animals. These sprays are usually not that expensive, but they do tend to finish quickly. Use them efficiently.

  • What Is The Perfect Truck For Your Gardening Service?

    Gardening and landscaping is a business that anyone can start quite easily and run successfully.  Anyone with a truck that is… Providing proper garden care isn’t the easiest of jobs and each and every garden you visit will require some waste removal, not to mention the space you need to haul around all of your gardening tools like a lawn mower, weed eater, chain saw and more.  It is safe to say that no truck means no gardening service.  Choosing the right truck for your service isn’t easy either.  You have to consider all of the following aspects before you make your final decision.

    What Is The Perfect Truck For Your Gardening Service?

    A tow bar is a must

    The chances are pretty good that some gardens will have a lot of waste to tow away, especially during Autumn when there are so much falling leaves and cut offs to remove from a garden.  With a tow bar you can easily add an extra trailer to your truck so you can provide your services much more time and fuel efficiently.

    Look for something fuel efficient

    Older trucks may be a cheap investment but their fuel consumption will leave you with very little profit in the end.  Look for a modern truck that is fuel efficient so you can provide gardening services at a much lower rate.

    Single or double cab truck

    Single cab trucks have a lot more space for your gardening gear but little space for your employees.  A double cab truck is a much better solution for gardeners that are planning on expanding their services soon because you can hire more staff without having to worry about transportation issues.

    Check the weight capacity of the vehicle

    Small trucks are terrific for traveling around but they can only load that much.  Your average garden waste doesn’t weigh much which means weight capacity isn’t quite as important as long as you don’t decide on tree removal services or go into landscaping that might result in heavy loads.

    Affordable services

    You don’t want a truck that is too expensive to service.  Failing to service your truck regularly can be catastrophic.  Consider your car brand’s general service fees and do a bit of comparison before you make your final decision on the right brand for your gardening service.

    White is always best

    A white truck is by far the best choice you can make because it is always much easier to brand a white vehicle than any other color vehicle.  You can get an entire vehicle vinyl wrap and include all of your services, contact details and the general look of your business so you can continuously market your business as you go.

    Find the perfect truck on CarVision

    CarVision is a terrific car dealership in Norristown.  This fantastic dealership is the perfect stop if you are looking for a new or used truck for your gardening service.  They have incredibly low prices, terrific customer service and they are incredibly helpful for finding you the best possible vehicle for your needs.

  • Hotels that Grow Their Own Food

    Nothing beats the taste of food that is made from fresh ingredients. Many homeowners have opted to have a garden at home which will allow them to use fresh ingredients. Hotels to now have adapted this model and we have a list of hotels you can go to which have their own garden/farm and provide customers with food with fresh ingredients.

    Hotels that Grow Their Own Food

    Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN

    Situated in the countryside of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blackberry Farms has become quite popular. So popular that even celebrities now flock to it. To provide clients with the most organic food items, the farm employs traditional agricultural practices. This ensures that the vegetables, fruits, and herbs are of top quality. Not only do they have exceptional vegetation, they also have James Beard’s as the chef in an award-winning restaurant.

    Crosby Street Hotel in NY

    Who would have thought, that you could go to a restaurant in SoHo that provides you with the freshest of ingredients. The Crosby Street Hotel located in Lower Manhattan has a garden on its 12th floor in which you can find the finest of fruits and vegetables. These are utilized in all the food at the hotel from the Crosby burger to the breakfast sandwich. The hotel even has 4 Araucana chickens which lay pale blue eggs which are quite a treat.

    The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, PA

    If you are looking for an outing that not only provides you with a healthy meal but also gives you a learning experience when it comes to gardening then The Lodge is the spot for you. Not only do they have their own garden from which they extract ingredients for food, they also provide gardening classes, workshop on composting, and tours of their greenhouse. The Lodge also has a spa and the herbs they grow are used for oils they use in the spa.

    Fairmount in San Francisco, CA

    The Fairmount which is located in San Francisco in a jungle of buildings has a 1,000 square foot garden which grow numerous different herbs and vegetables. It even has a wild bee hotel in the garden which allows bees to have access to a place of nesting. This ensures the hotel has a constant supply of their prized honey, which they use in salads and serve with tea.

    As individuals get more aware of the benefits of eating organic and fresh produce, more and more restaurants are getting on board with using organic and fresh ingredients. Not only does it add more flavor to the food, it also ensures that those that consume the food gets all the health benefits that they should. As more real estate agencies like TJM Properties (Terry McCarthy St. Pete) look to expand and purchase hotels and resorts. We can hope that they too will look to adopt these practices in their network of hotels and resorts. This will ensure that customers will get the best possible experience from their stay at these hotels and resorts.

  • Taking Pictures and Shooting Video in Your Garden

    There’s something about the ethereal space under a blooming cherry tree. In the same way as other of the delights of gardening, it’s an inclination that endures just for a couple of days a year and afterward is gone. In any case, there is a way to catch a portion of the magnificence and power of the most punctual cherry blooms and the last brilliant leaves of pre-winter: photography. It will enable you to preserve the excellence that you cherish—and share it with your companions—and give you better approaches for seeing, and adoring, your garden.

    With an essential comprehension of the basics of photography, you can take amazing photos of your garden. Remember that garden photography isn’t about greenery enclosures; it’s about light. “Photog­raphy” implies composing with light, and finding the best light to flaunt your garden is the way to capturing excellent pictures.

    Taking Pictures and Shooting Video in Your Garden


    The most imperative thing to recollect is to look carefully through the viewfinder before you shoot. Figure out how to perceive what the camera sees. Don’t simply observe what you need to see; take a gander at what’s truly there. Rather than concentrating with respect to the photo you like, intentionally search for anything that you wouldn’t have any desire to be in the scene. Are there phone wires in the highest point of the edge? Do the components of the photo crash in confounding ways?

    A number of these issues are very easy to solve. Stepping a few steps to the left side or right, tilting the camera up or down, or bringing down your perspective nearer to the ground can dispose of undesirable components. Once you’ve made changes, inspect the frame once more, from edge to edge and corner to corner. You can crop diverting points of interest out of the print later, however you ought to depend on cropping just if all else fails.

    In the event that you think that it’s difficult to oppose shooting on the run, put your camera on a tripod. Other than steadying the camera for long exposures, a tripod will constrain you to make all the more deliberately and make it simpler to look at the frame in detail before you shoot.


    A splendid, sunny garden is one of the trickiest spots to take pictures. Your eyes can see a substantially more prominent range from brilliant to dull than film or digital pictures can catch without losing something in the brightest highlights or the darkest shadows. That is the reason photographs taken at twelve on a sunny day leave extreme hues watching washed out and shadows looking dim and dinky. Rather, shoot on a cloudy day, when mists make a decent showing with regards to diffusing light. In the morning and night, the light looks longer, and it appears to stroke whatever it touches.

    Another vital component to making extraordinary pictures is seeing how your camera functions. It truly pays to read the manual. Similarly, it pays to purchase a good enough camera for all your photo and video recording needs. One example is the sony hdr-ax2000 which is a professional high definition camcorder. It can record up to 24Mbps AVCHD video and has superior low-light shooting capabilities. If you want to record breath-taking videos in your garden, this is your go-to camera.

  • Surprisingly Good Advantages of Gardening!

    As technology is advancing, one would expect the world to progress regarding cleaner air and better healthcare. On the contrary, the environment is getting worse for people to live. With all sorts of pollution and the cutting down of trees for various purposes without planting others in its place, the ozone layer surrounding the earth is being damaged. The ozone layer is in charge of keeping the ultraviolet rays away from the earth, however with its damage, the UV rays are entering the atmosphere, and with the shortage of trees, human beings are facing serious consequences. It may feel like one person cannot do something significant to rectify it. However, every single individual can make a change. One thing that we can do as our contribution is to do gardening at our homes.

    Gardening has many advantages. You can grow your food; you can get closer to nature which relaxes you and most of all you can play your part in keeping the environment green. Before you start gardening, you can consult professionals who guide how you can begin and what you can do.

    Surprisingly Good Advantages of Gardening!

    Approaching people like Abraham Zaiderman can be useful since they can offer consultancy. Abraham Zaiderman is the CEO and Founder of Abraham Zaiderman Consulting. Whether it is a single restaurant or you would like to run a chain of restaurants, you must consult this agency to avoid any kind of loss. They offer you a restaurant insurance consultancy and guide you how to choose a right insurance agent for your restaurant.

    The following are the reasons why gardening is not only recommended but significant as well.

    1. Health:

    You can grow your produce in your garden and enjoy healthy and fresh foods without worrying about added chemicals. Additionally, this will provide as a health booster for you. Besides benefiting from the produce, the effort you put into planting will contribute to your physical health. No matter what age you are, gardening will bring numerous benefits to your health such as keeping you fit by burning calories. Furthermore, people with cardiac conditions or other illnesses can also work in gardens without it compromising their health. Moreover, when you are surrounded by greenery, you are more likely to breathe fresher and cleaner air than others.

    1. Gain education:

    You can learn about a lot of things from your garden. Studies show that children who are involved in gardening excel in math and science skills and are more likely to score higher marks. Children will also learn science from practical experiments and understand better. Moreover, gardening allows the young ones to learn life skills like taking care of people or plants, independence, and value of food and how much patience it requires to produce it.

    1. Nature therapy:

    Several studies have proved that nature therapy is one of the best procedure to deal with several psychological problems like ADHD. Nature therapy also helps reduce stress and allows you to have a happier attire and a healthier mind. Setting up a garden at your place will allow you to be in close contact with nature all the time and this kind of therapy does not cost you a fortune.

    Furthermore, research shows that people who talk to plants are happier than others. They find that they can share their thoughts with someone without getting into trouble, and the plants also grow healthier with human interaction.

    1. Community Gardening:

    If you live in a community, you can start community gardening. Community gardening allows you to be more social and make friends in your community and eventually discuss personal problems with them and they can help you find solutions. You can also grow food for the whole community and save a lot of money.

    A study shows that the communities where people socialize the most are least prone to a burglary in their area. Community gardening also allows you to play a bigger part in keeping the environment green without you having to do all the work.

  • How to Dig Up Garden Earthworms for Your Fishing Trip

    Fish bait can be quite expensive, not to mention hard to get your hands on.  Earthworms is one of the best bait types because you can catch such a great variety of fish species with this one form of bait and getting earthworms isn’t expensive at all. And unlike other bait that will get rotten and smelly fast, earthworms will last much longer at your fishing spot no matter how hot it gets. Getting your earthworms simply involves a bit of digging in your back yard and a bit of farming and soon you could have an unlimited supply of earthworms for all of your fishing trips no matter what season it may be.  If you cannot find earthworms in your garden then it is a good time to get some earthworms because these worms are essential for great garden health and good quality soil.

    How to Dig Up Garden Earthworms for Your Fishing Trip

    How to dig up earthworms

    There are quite a few tricks to catch these slimy creatures but the biggest catch is to get them without harming them which usually happen when you dig with a shovel. Here are the steps for the best way to catch earthworms;

    Get a container ready – The first step is to get your container ready.  Add some moist dirt with plenty of plant debris to a container.  It is important to remember that your soil shouldn’t be too wet or your earthworms could end up drowning and you shouldn’t cover the container up with a sealed lid since they still need air.

    Shovel them up – Loosen up some dirt with a spade and shovel carefully while you scan for earthworms.  Soil that is rich in plant debris and moisture is the best area to look for earthworms.

    Use the cardboard trick – If you are afraid of harming the earthworms then night catching is the best alternative.  Place a cardboard on the ground and wait for the sun to set.  Look under the cardboard box to see if any earthworms have surfaced.

    Wait for rainy weather – Earthworms are very likely to surface during rainy weather because they can drown if the soil gets too moist.  Have a look around during rainy weather to see if there are any worms about.

    Start an earthworm farm in the back yard

    Once you have your worms, starting a worm farm couldn’t be easier. You can click here to learn how to farm earthworms and even find out how to build a commercial worm farm if you plan on selling them for an extra income.

    Shop the latest fishing gear online

    Now that you are saving a heap on bait and are even perhaps earning a bit of extra cash from your worm farm, you are probably eager to put that saved cash up for good use.  One of the first things on your fishing rod that probably can do with a good upgrade is your reel.  On Reel with Style you can learn more about reels and find the best reel on the market that will make fishing an absolute pleasure.

  • Herbs You Can Start Growing Indoors

    Take a look at your yard. Are you happy with how nice it has turned out to be? Even if you have some trees and other plants available, you also like to have some plants indoors. A lot of herbs are easy to grow and can be placed in your kitchen. Whenever you need some fresh herbs, you can just take a few sprigs and use it for cooking.

    Herbs are like businesses that are managed by Terence J McCarthy, they can only grow with proper management. If you would place the seeds of the herbs in the soil, you cannot expect them to suddenly grow bigger without trying to water the seeds when you can and making sure that the herbs get fresh air. McCarthy is in charge of acquiring properties and changing them to new properties that can be beneficial for various people – usually those who are in their retirement age. Retirees can do a lot of hobbies that they never did before and gardening is one of them.

    Herbs You Can Start Growing Indoors

    In order to make gardening a pleasant experience for you, choose herbs that can grow indoors without many issues. Here are some examples:

    1. Chives

    What makes chives one of the ideal herbs to grow indoors is because it does not need a lot of light in order to grow. If you would like to get chives, you can get a sample of chives from an already thriving plant. Make sure that you get the roots. Plant it on your new pot and cover up the roots well with the soil.

    1. Mint

    If you want a type of herb that can grow very well, you do not have to worry about mint. This is one herb that you should not mix up with your other herbs as it can get a bit invasive. Mint can grow like weeds which are ideal since you are going to use them often. Spearmint may be a better option for growing the herb outside but since you want a type of herb that can be grown indoors, peppermint can be a good option. You can take a few leaves from time to time too. It can be placed in an area that does not get a lot of light but make sure that you expose it to sunlight from time to time.

    1. Oregano

    This is one of the easiest herbs to grow but if you want to make sure that this will continue to thrive, it is best that you place this near your window. It will need a few hours of sunlight everyday and some fertilizer too. If you want the Oregano variety well known for growing well, you can choose Greek Oregano.

    1. Basil

    A lot of your food would need basil but this is not really an indoor plant. You may choose to place this near the windowsill though wherein it can get a lot of sunlight. During winter, you may have to keep the basil under grow lights so that it will continue to thrive. Search for varieties that are considered to be easiest to grow. There are a lot of options available.

    Based on the herb suggestions, are you ready to start growing your own indoor herb garden?

  • Clothing Items That Should Be in Your Gardener’s Wardrobe

    One of the most fun parts of gardening is getting your hands all dirty and muddy.  If there is no mud involved then you aren’t doing gardening right.  Dirt contains a lot of healthy germs that your body needs to develop a strong immune system and to build good tolerance against all the terrible germs, bacteria and diseases out there.  Our modern clinical way of living is exactly why so many people have a hard time at staying healthy.  You need that constant exposure to natural dirt, grime and germs so your body’s immune system can build a good tolerance and be ready for the dirty and wild world.  But gardening can be a bit tough on your beautiful clothing and on your skin and that is exactly why everyone needs a good gardener’s wardrobe.

    Clothing Items That Should Be in Your Gardener’s Wardrobe

    What should be in y our gardener’s wardrobe?

    Sure, your old torn jeans and sneakers will probably do for a gardening expedition but everyone wants to look good, even as they get all messy and dirty in the garden and with the right wardrobe you will look like a dedicated gardener, you will be much more enthusiastic to get out there since wearing gardening outfits isn’t nearly as embarrassing as wearing those old clothes and you will be much more goal oriented when you are dressed for the occasion.

    Hiking boots – Most people make the mistake of buying rain boots for gardening.  These boots aren’t really suitable for gardening because they don’t allow a lot of flexibility.  You cannot move your ankles as freely as needed and the boots are incredibly warm and sweaty because of their rubber substance.  Beginner hiking boots are perfect for all of your gardening activities because these boots are waterproof, durable, strong and they provide all the protection you will need for gardening activities.  The hiking boots also have a fantastic look which makes it the perfect casual boots to wear on any of your trips, casual home days or gardening endeavors.

    Sun hatSkin cancer is no game and wearing a hat is a must. A baseball cap is still better than no hat at all but a sun hat is much better for garden work because sun hats also protect your ears, neck and chest from the harsh rays of the sun.

    Knee pads – With knee pads you can crawl about your garden as much as you like without damaging or staining your knees.

    Textured gloves – These gloves are great for protecting your hands and still give you a firm grip on gardening tools.

    Utility apron – With a utility apron you can carry a lot of garden tools with you as you work which greatly boosts your overall productivity.

    Coveralls – Denim coveralls are back in fashion and are also one of the best garden outfits that you can choose because they provide great protection and give you a great outdoorsy look.

    Jacket – Choose a jacket that is loose fitting, flattering and flexible so you can move around freely as you work in your garden.

  • How to Take a Break from Gardening

    Time flies when you’re madly occupied with gardening. However, time doesn’t simply fly when you’re having a great time—it can likewise speed by when you have your head down, beating through work and tasks. And afterward out of the blue before you know it, it’s been seven days.

    It’s so natural to give the days a chance to fly by, without taking the chance to breathe and revive yourself. What’s more, without setting aside that opportunity to unwind, you can’t generally be taking care of business for quite a while. Everybody needs time to seek after their interests and leisure activities, and basically live. When we feel content with ourselves, we play out our best and genuinely appreciate life.

    How to Take a Break from Gardening

    Here are some unique approaches to restore, unwind, and enjoy a break.

    1. Go on a Hike

    Escaping your workplace and into the outside air is an extraordinary approach to unwind. Nature has a method for relaxing even the most tense of individuals, with the fresh air and chirping birds encompassing you and filling your ears and mind with their sweetness and serenity. Being in nature is relaxing, as well as the activity will surge your body with endorphins, giving you a feeling of joy and prosperity—and empowering you to feel revived and prepared to handle whatever will come your way at work.

    So go and discover some place to hike (or even simply walk), and invest some energy in nature. You could go alone and invest the energy reflecting and unwinding, or set aside the opportunity to reconnect with a friend. On the off chance that you need, bring a camera as well—capture all the beauty that surrounds you.

    1. Go on a Vacation

    Some people consider gardening itself to be a part of vacationing. The thing is, if gardening is all you do and you’ve been doing it for way too long, you consider it work and actually need to take a break from it. The best thing to do is to go on a luxurious and relaxing vacation. Don’t get scared at the idea of being ‘luxurious’ by linking it with being extremely expensive.

    Luckily, Occidental Vacation Club allows for timesharing which makes it easier for you to either buy or rent out a vacation home. The best part is the service that comes along with it including private check-in and check-out, all-inclusive resort services, concierge services and a lot more. In addition to that, you get to enjoy all these awesome facilities on the beachside by the sparkling blue ocean.

    1. Have a Picnic

    On the off chance that you would prefer not to work out, however need to be out in nature (or simply enjoy food), go out and have a picnic! It’s a simple approach to enjoy your meal break, and revive yourself through a long workday. Or, then again go on the weekend when you can make a trip further to another excellent spot. Carry all your picnic essentials with you and have a good time!

  • 6 Gardening Must-Have Tools

    A man is known by the garden he keeps. That’s not how you read it, right? But that’s exactly how it is! That is why you should pay extra attention to your garden and make all possible efforts to maintain it in the best possible way. Grab all the best gardening tools that you can get and make the best use of them. Here are some must-have gardening tools for all the garden enthusiasts out there!

    6 Gardening Must-Have Tools

    Hand Rake: This is the little three-pronged device that resembles an arrangement of shiny claws. It’s valuable for slackening and turning soil. Stainless-steel or aluminum is a decent material decision as it prevents it from rusting.

    Trowel: This is the pointy-ended little shovel you’ll use for digging holes and breaking up dirt. Search for solid, one-piece making and a handle that is comfortable – remember that, you’ll be utilizing a great deal of force for all the digging, so a comfortable handle is essential!

    Hose Reel: A hose reel consists of a tubular spindle that is usually made out of metal, fiberglass material or plastic. A hose reel acts as a storage unit where you can easily store your garden hose. Not only does it provide you with convenience and ease but also helps save storage space. The best part is that if you invest in an automatic retractable hose reel, it will do the entire heavy duty and boring job for you! There are various types of hose reels available in the market and if you want detailed reviews and comparisons on them then head over to www.gardentoolscenter.com right now!

    Shovel: What’s the difference between a shovel and a spade? A few people credit it to semantics, however by definition shovels have more extensive, flat blades implied for lifting and moving substantial things like rock and soil, while spades, with calculated and pointed edges, are best to break up soil as well as for digging purposes. You’ll most likely need one of each, however the sort you need will change contingent upon your necessities. Ask for advice from someone at the nursery.

    Shears: It might appear to be strange, however making things grow requires a great deal of cutting: pruning back overgrowth, expelling dead flowers (deadheading), cutting bushes, only for one thing. It’s a smart thought to put resources into a few sets – small shears for cutting small stalks and other similar things or fine details, bigger ones for cutting branches and other heavy duty jobs. Regardless, “try out” a few sets before you purchase and pick one that feels great and is of high quality. The correct shears can have a major effect on your garden. It also largely depends on the methods you adopt while tending your garden!

    Gloves: There are a variety of glove types intended to shield your hands from thistles and thorns, rankles, and even chemicals. Consider your particular needs before you purchase, and put resources into a couple of various kind to consider every possible situation you may face in your garden.