Breathe Nature’s Wonderful Air Again with the Help of the Phrenic Nerve Program

So many people take nature for granted when there are thousands out there who would love to spend time and marvel at nature, gardens and animals but simply cannot due to medical conditions.  Where most of us would complain about the weeds, others would love to simply be able to pull weeds.  While you might be complaining about that great TV show that you’re missing when you have to mow the lawn, there are other people out there who would love to spend time on their own in the sun. Technology is making life a lot easier for people who suffer from diseases or disabilities and every now and then, a major breakthrough is made that transforms the lives of these people so they can once again enjoy the world.  Recently there has been a major breakthrough when a phrenic nerve program was created to treat and reverse diaphragm paralysis.

Breathe Nature’s Wonderful Air Again with the Help of the Phrenic Nerve Program

What is diaphragm paralysis?

Diaphragm paralysis occurs when a person loses control over both hemidiaphgrams.  The main reason for this loss is usually as a result of injury or disease.  Basically your brain shuts off or decreases the impulse to breathe.  There are several causes for this condition and the patients are usually left ventilator dependent or worse.

The effects of diaphragm paralysis

This condition usually results from a previous disease or injury.  When a patient’s breathing is affected and goes undetected for too long it can easily lead to serious conditions such as a brain oxygen shortage that causes brain damage or even suffocation.  In cases where the patient’s ability to breathe is affected only partially, the patient can suffer from shortness of breath, chest pains, fatigue, feinting and alleviated heart rates. Those who were left attached to ventilators had trouble moving around and each day became a battle for air.  This terrible condition was also hugely untreatable.

The fantastic Phrenic Nerve Program

The Phrenic Nerve Surgery was developed at the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction by a series of physicians. Dr. Matthew Kaufman is a reconstructive plastic surgeon and expert in Otolaryngology.   He is the first and only one to ever perform this surgery.  Where the treatment for diaphragm paralyses used to involve nonsurgical therapy or diaphragm plication, Dr. Kaufman was able to reverse the paralysis completely.  He used basically the same techniques that medical professionals use for the treatment of arm and leg paralysis. The surgeries have proven to be quite successful in reversing the paralysis so those who suffered from this condition could once again move around freely without the use of a ventilator.

The Phrenic Nerve Program is still relatively new and the extent of this program is still widely under research but those who did benefit from this program were once again able to breathe the free air normally and participate in general activities such as gardening and more.  If you or someone you love is suffering from diaphragm paralysis then it is time to seek help and give the Phrenic Nerve Program a try.

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