Advice on Choosing the Best knife for Your Camping Trip

When you are going on a camping trip, perhaps the most important piece of equipment that you can bring with you is a quality knife. There are so many different uses for it; you will never be stuck when you have a quality and sharp blade handy. If you were to ask most of the leading survivalist experts in the world today what would be the one tool that they would take with them when stranded on a deserted island, they would say a knife. You can hunt, cut things, lights fire and so much more just with a knife.

If you are not familiar with using and choosing knives, it can be an overwhelming and intimidating process trying to choose the right one for your specific needs. It is important that you always keep your knife in condition, ensuring that it is always nice and sharp. This can be done by regularly sharpening it using a stone.


Here is a resource that should help you when trying to choose the right knife for you, a guide that showcases 5 of the best bushcraft knives that are on the market today. Here is some further advice that you should keep in mind when buying a blade for your camping trip.

Size and blade type

When it comes to knives, size matters. This does not mean that bigger is necessarily better, as if it is too large you will not be able to use it for more detail orientated tasks like carving and gutting small game. A blade that is too small will not be able to withstand the more rugged tasks, such as chopping and hammering. Therefore you need to be careful about the size of the knife that you are looking to purchase. The bet size for general camping use is normally around nine to eleven inches long.

You should also go for a blade that is fixed rather than one that flips out from the handle. These are a lot more durable than the folding versions. Just like with anything, when there is a presence of a joint like the one in a folding knife, there is a much greater chance of a weakness being exposed in the structure of the knife. You don’t want to take any chance on your knife breaking during the trip. Read more

The tang and the tip

You should also ensure that the blade is a full tang, which means that both the handle and the blade are made from a single piece of continuous metal. To make the grip more comfortable to hold and use, there is some sort of grooves moulded into it. Once again, full tang knives are a lot more durable and stronger than those which are only of a half tang. You should always go for a knife that is sharp pointed; as many of today’s camping knives come with hooked rounded or straight tips. The pointed tip allows you a lot more flexibility when using the knife.

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