5 DIY Composters That Don’t Smell

Have you ever imagined being able to create yourself some composters that will help your plants while not leaving a foul smell behind? Although some people believe it is quite impossible this article will show you that you can! It is easy, cheap and will not take you a lot of time.

Fruit and bean composters.

If you consume a lot of fruits, do not throw those peels on the garbage! You can use them to feed your plants and make them even healthier. It is a very environmental friendly method to turn your garden into a much healthier and natural place. All you will need is to separate the remnants of fruits and beans (such as coffee beans). Make sure you place them in a composting area first and with time move the items so they can become smaller particles. As soon as everything becomes organic matter you can mix in with your plants.

Vegetables and Shells

You can also compost vegetables and egg shells for example, without having to deal with a smelly garden. Make sure you separate the vegetables and shells and then throw them all in the composting area. Although vegetables might take a while to become organic material, they will not become smelly anytime. Make sure you mix them with the soil and the shells. In as little as 10 days your compost will be ready for use.read latest news at http://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/2014/08/12/forging-paths-for-new-york-citys-community-composters-a-542878.html.

Leaves and Logs

You can create your composting with old logs and leaves! It is possible to create high quality organic material by simply mixing in leaves and logs together. Of course the logs will take longer to compose, however once their do they will provide you a rich formula that will enrich your plants and garden with very important nutrients and vitamins. Another excellent choice for those who do not want to deal with smell or even that would like to deal with a mess in the garden. You can later use the humuh to feed other plants and garden.


Red worms, fungi, insects, and other bugs

Although most people might find it quite disgusting, it is not. Fungi and bugs are a very important part of nature. You can compost them and they will not smell bad as most people believe they do. You can keep them away from your house too, in case you are not willing to see them often. You can mix such compost with leaves, grass and logs, in order to get an even richer humus. The more you do it the sooner you will have soil rich in nutrients and vitamins. This is one of the fastest composting you could ever make, after all insects are small and get composted quite fast. If you are looking for non- smelly and quick results then this is an excellent option for you.

For more information on how to do your own composting check the following link. It will provide you an overall view of composting, its benefits and how to do it in different ways.

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