4 Great Ways to Put Up a Garden in Your Condo

Most people think that living in a condo restricts you from having a garden of your own. Well, with the small space and lack of garden area, it’s no wonder why people think this way. But as what they say, people who truly love gardening will do just about anything just to have a garden of their own. Sure, personalizing a limited space might be a bit of struggle, but if you’re creative and resourceful, you’ll be able to grow beautiful plants in your temporary living space. Here are some tips that can help you grow your very own garden in your condo unit, whether you’re living in Marina One Residences in Singapore or Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver.

garden in Condo

Water Gardening

Also known as aquatic gardening, this type of gardening involves water feature and aquatic plants. Well, it is similar to the ones for outdoors, but here, you use smaller container that is appropriate for indoor use. But in order to build this type of garden, you have to make sure that the container is large enough to hold the water and float the plants. Depending on the container, you can also add some ornamental fish and decorations to enhance your water garden. This type of garden is soothing and a great addition to any indoor landscape.

Container Gardening

Well, as the name suggests, this type of gardening involves planting in a container instead of in the ground. Container gardening is a popular alternative for enthusiastic gardeners who don’t have access to a garden area or backyard. The best thing about this type of gardening is you can use any type of container you want – whether it’s a plastic cup or a shoe box – as long as it could hold soil and plants. You can also add anything you want – from paints to pebbles – to make them look more attractive. Just remember to punch some holes in the container for drainage purposes. Container gardening is cheap, environment-friendly, and a beautiful addition to your unit.

Wall Gardening

Wall gardens are especially great for those who don’t have much space in their unit. They don’t require much space since they are only installed on walls. If you want to save space and at the same time beautify your surroundings, you can try out a DIY wall garden. All you need is to find a durable frame (a hanging shoe organizer or wine rack if you want to be creative), install it on the wall, then insert your favorite plants on it. If you want to make it look more glamorous and professional, you can consult an expert in the field.


If you want something unique and beautiful, display some terrariums in your apartment/condo. These are miniature plants that are placed inside a glass container, which truly bring delight to the eyes. The great thing about them is they are easy to create; in fact, you can do them together with your kids! All you need is a glass container, such as a glass bowl or jar, planting medium, your favorite plants, and some decorations. You can also add clay pellets to ensure good drainage.

So there you have it! With these great ways of putting up a garden of your own, you can now enjoy the gift of nature and have clean and beautiful surroundings that you can be proud of.

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